Product Import/Export Steps and Rules

How to Import/Export Products in bulk

Store admins can upload products in bulk. There are some points to be kept in mind before import products in bulk

  1. First Export the file format from Admin panel –> System –> Export –> “Entity type: Products” –> Format CSV
  2. Download the excel and update the following fields
    • Mandatory fields:
      • sku can be as unique numbers
      • Attribute set code- default
      • Map the categories properly in the format: Default category,Default Category/Category 1,Default category/Category 1/Category 2 (without spaces)
      • Do not use special characters and spaces
      • Name
      • Weight
      • Product online should be always 1
      • Tax class should be always Taxable goods
      • Visibility should be catalog, search
      • Price (Special Price- if required)
      • URL Key- set unique url keys to every product- for e.g if your product is apples-apple-frt001
    • Do not change other columns just copy-paste from given data. Refer to the below points:
      • Display product options should be as it is whatever shared “Block after info column”
      • Gift message available-Use config
      • msrp display actual price-Use config
      • From columns qty to website ID copy and paste the same (you can make changes to QTY-<set number>, out_of_stock_qty-<set number>, is_in_stock-1
  3. Import to check the data and import successfully

Video Guide a sample product import:


To Export Admin panel –> System –> Export –> “Entity type: Products” –> Format CSV




For the website, Navigate to Settings → Import → Select entity type as product → Import behavior as Add/Update → Allowed errors as 100

Import behavior

Import behavior

Upload a CSV file and click on check data to validate the CSV


Then click on the Import button to get imported

Rules to be followed for proper import listed below:

  1. SKU column – Proper SKU name to be given (must not include special characters, spaces or symbols)
  2. SKU must be unique and the same SKU must not be repeated for products again and again.
  3. Category naming format to be followed as below,

If you want to list a product under one category alone, provide category format as below,

Grocery Store,Grocery Store/SHOP,Grocery Store/SHOP/Frozen

If you want to list a product under 2 categories, provide category format exactly same as below,
Grocery Store,Grocery Store/SHOP,Grocery Store/SHOP/Frozen,Grocery Store,Grocery Store/SHOP,Grocery Store/SHOP/Desserts

Note: If you already created a category name in Magento backend, use the exact name in CSV file, or duplications will occur.

  1. Avoid using slashes, colons, special characters in category names. (example: must not use name as Bread – Roti -Naan)
  2. Image names must be like1.jpg (Preferred to use short names for images instead of long names) – And share us the images with same name, we will upload into your server, so that it will get mapped correctly.
  3. Don’t edit the column names.
  4. Product names must be unique.
  5. Upload the CSV in Google sheet and after updates, export it like below screenshot and import into Magento system.

import into Magento system.