How to Cancel Order

Admin can choose the order to cancel before invoicing it or put it on hold

Note: Cancellation can be done only before Invoicing and not after Invoicing

Step 1: Navigation : Sales >> Orders.


1.In the order listing page and order detailing page, multiple orders can be selected and the status of the order can be updated as Cancel.

order listing page

The System will ask admin’s confirmation to cancel:

admin's confirmation to cancel
The order cancelled will be displayed in the My Orders section for the customers.

My Orders section

2. The Admin can add notes for the order and the notes will be displayed on the website with the date and time.

add notes for the order

a. By selecting Notify customer by Email,  the customer will be notified via email.

b. By selecting the Visible on StoreFront,  the order notes will be displayed on the order detailing page.

displaying order notes