How to create a Credit-Memo

In case to make refunds to your customer, there is an option to raise credit memo and make refunds, here are few steps to do it:

Step 1: Open an Invoiced order and Click Credit memo

Invoiced order

  1. Click on Credit Memo → Scroll down to update the Qty to refund → Enter the adjustment fee ( if applicable)
  2. Click On Refund to refund it to the bank account or click Refund Offline to process the payment offline

Step 2: Update the Qty to return and Refund the amount

  1. Update the quantity to refund
  2. Check the “Return to Stock” in case if the product is returned
  3. Enter any adjustment fee for deduction fee (if any)
  4. Click “Update totals” to display the final amount to refund
  5. Click Refund offline to refund to the customer offline and Refund to Refund to the customer’s Bank account

Qty to return

Step 3: View Credit Memo

View Credit Memo

Step 4: Send Email/Print Credit Memo:

Send Email


If the original purchase was paid by credit card through a payment gateway, the refund amount is managed by the payment processor. To manage refunds, see the documentation provided by your payment provider.

Refund Offline:

If the original purchase was paid by check or money order, the refund is paid directly to the customer, by issuing a check, gift card, or cash if you have a brick-and-mortar storefront. The credit memo serves as a record of the offline transaction.

Admin can put the status On Hold by simply clicking on the “Hold” Button

status On Hold

This is how it shows on Order List:

Order List

Admin can unhold and revoke the status from Hold by clicking on “Unhold” in Order Detail page