What is the step by step procedure for Delivery Boy to Deliver Orders

Here is the step by step approach to Order Delivery through Delivery Boy

  • First, the Delivery Partner must logs in to their account- (but they stay logged in afterward)

delivery boy login                     delivery boy message on order

  • The Partner Receives notification if an order is assigned to him. This happens only when he is logged in
  • The Delivery Partner can Click on the notification or he can look into the “Waiting orders” tab in application.
  • All the Orders that are assigned to that very Delivery boy shall populate in “Waiting Orders List”. This means that the Orders are waiting for Delivery Partner’s Order Acceptance

waiting orders                waiting orders-2

  • All the Active Orders shall be populated in the “Active Orders” Tab

active orders

  • The Delivery Partner should click on the Details to view the Order Details

active orders-2

  • Partner views the Details of the Order- Items Purchased, Cash Paid or Cash to be collected on Delivery, Delivery Location with G-Map navigation button

delivery details

  • The Navigation and route viewer button will take you to navigation and route preview as shown below. This helps the Partner to navigate through the best route

delivery details navigation

  • Partner can view all the accepted orders on the map so that he can plan his delivery route accordingly

map order

  • Delivery Partner can mark the current status- based on the events- Picked Up order, Started, On my Way, Delivered. He can also mark the status “on Hold”


  • Delivery Partner should capture customer Signature, Image of the Product, Customer comments and Submit the input for the Proof of Delivery

customer signature

  • Delivery Partner needs to click on the avatar and go to my Profile to view the profile

delivery partner avatar

  • Delivery Partner can view Profile and Go to Order History as shown below. With this Partner shall be able to see his past deliveries

Delivery partner profile

  • Partner can apply relevant filters to view order history based on Status or Date Range

delivery partner filter

  • The Applied Filter would be as shown below

delivery partner order history