Pre-Building Requirements

Clients are requested to share requirements to kick start app development process

Generally to build a application one must need this:

Minimum Hosting Details:

Type Configurations Recommended
Server Dedicated CPU –

  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 80 GB SSD
  • 4 TB Transfer
Domain www.<domainname>.com

For https://- Security Encryption
Business Email Account(Optional) To display this on the app stores
Google Developer Account Google Developer is needed to launch Android Application under your account in Playstore
Apple Developer Account Apple Developer is needed to launch iOS Application under your account in app store



Clients must share the Different image Sizes for Android & IOS for different purposes as following:

  • App Icons
  • App Logos
  • Splash Screen Images
  • Placeholder Images
  • Launch Screen Images

Where are these Images used?

1.App Icons:

app icons

App Icons, requested to share images in different sizes,  are generally used to display the icon of application on your device after you download from Play-Store/App Store Different sized icons will be displayed on different sized devices

2.App Logos:

App Logos

App Logos will be displayed on the top of the home page of your application. Generally two types of Logo to be shared in png format, one is coloured and other is transparent/white coloured.

  • 225×100 White/Coloured is used in home page
  • 1000×600 coloured is used while selecting the Store Location Selection
  • 512×512 is used as face-book log

3.Splash Screen Images

Splash Screen Images

Splash Screens is the screen that is displayed when app is opened. The client needs to share the splash screens with different dimensions to make display it on different devices

4.Placeholder Images:

Placeholder image

Placeholder images are those which shall be placed where there is no image of Products. This Placeholder image can be the same logo or icon image with reduced opacity(dimmed image-not as bold as logo) or just like anything shown as above

5.Launch Screen:

Launch Screen

Launch Screen Images are placed on Playstore/Appstore as App image. Basically, these would be bigger as banner images and would also be used when an app is shared with an invite