Email Order details

Magento default functionality offers the ability to send transactional emails.Transactional emails are customized emails with different purposes.

They are also widely used for confirming orders, communicating different order information, sending offers or news from your online store to your subscribers and customers.


Navigation : Stores > Settings > Configuration >> Sales >> Sales Emails >> Order Emails.

Make sure all the settings are saved in the required Store view.

Order Comments


  1. Sales Email has to be set as YES
  2. Order Comment Email Sender
  3. In the New Order Confirmation Email line, specify a store contact that will be shown as the message sender. By default, there is a Sales Representative.
  • Order Comment Email Template Choose a email template from the list of templates in the dropdown, a new template can be created in  MARKETING > Communications > Email Templates
  • Order Comment Email Template for Guest
    Choose an email template in the New Order Confirmation Template for Guests that is sent to those who don’t create an account on your store.
  • Send Order Comment Email Copy To
    Specify the email address for which the copy of the order emails to be sent.
  1. Send Order Comments Email Copy MethodBCC: Send a “blind courtesy copy” by including other recipient(s) in the header of the same email that is sent to the customer. The BCC recipient is not visible to the customer and he/she doesn’t know that a copy is sent to many addresses.


Separate Email: Send a copy email as a separate email.