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POS System - Magento POS Integration

Elite mCommerce now enables Brick and Mortar Store owners to go online by connecting their existing POS (Point Of Sale) Systems with their online stores seamlessly. They can conveniently forget the nightmare of switching over to a new POS just to take their business online. Elite mCommerce with POS integration capabilities is the next gen mobile app loaded with compelling features that is all required to start selling online. This allows you quickly launch an eCommerce store using your existing setup of managing inventory, products from a single location and get a bird’s eye view of all your sales.

Elite mCommerce with POS integration

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Products and Inventory Sync

Sync your products and inventory across multiple store locations with ease. You get connected in minutes and you will be able to manage your stock between your physical store and online store easily. As items keep selling in the store, the status will automatically reflect on your eCommerce website, and vice versa. This eliminates daily manual reconciliations between the stores to keep track on the inventory. Avoid overselling and keep track of your exact inventory always.

Elite mCommerce with POS integration

Eliminate double data entry

Are you worried about hiring an additional POS clerk to manually make entries in both the POS system and online store to ensure both the systems are in sync? You can breathe a sigh of relief. Elite mCommerce with the POS integration now ensures that you don’t spend anything for additional manpower. Only when your POS does not talk to your online store the problems start. Duplicate entries to transfer inventory, update product images & descriptions and combining sales figures can lead to increased workload or manual errors. Elite mCommerce works like a charm in getting all your data from your POS to your online store and back.

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Cross Channel Promotions

Cross Channel Promotions

Leveraging existing customer has always been tricky while managing multiple sales channels. You can unify collection of customer data across multiple sales channel and run cross channel promotions and offers to increase sales. You can also ensure that your customer loyalty programs are organized and encourage customers to shop on both channels. Customers can also be allowed to accrue loyalty points on both your channels. This improves customer engagement and customer convenience.

Cross Channel Promotions

Unified Reports

Through Elite mCommerce get bird’s eye views of all your sales happening across different channels. Remove the hassle of manually comparing sales data across different locations, for a better sales strategy. Elite mCommerce provides unified insights and analytics on sales and customer purchase patterns that will give you an edge over your competitors.

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