How to Create a Coupon or Cart Price Rules

How to Create Coupons

To create Cart Price Rule the following steps should be followed:

  • Step 1: Create a New Cart Price Rule
  • Step 2: Set the Cart Price Conditions
  • Step 3: Set the Cart Price Actions
  • Step 4: Set the Cart PriceLabels
  • Step 5: Apply the Rule

Step 1: Create a New Cart Price Rule

  • On the Admin Panel, Marketing > Promotions > Cart Price Rule.
  • Click on ‘Add New Rule’ and complete 4 tabs: Rule Information, Conditions, Actions, and Label.

Cart Price Rules

New Cart Price Rule

  • set Name for the rule and write some descriptions if needed
  • Enable the rule when Status is Active
  • Assign the rule to the Website and Customer Group
  • Enable the coupon – Specific Coupon/NoCoupon
  • Limit the times of using the coupon in the Uses per Coupon and User per Customer. Leave them empty if there is no limitation

Enable the Coupon


Step 2: Set the Conditions

  • On the Conditions tab, the statement “If ALL of these conditions are TRUE” appears The statement has two bold links “All” and “TRUE” to edit
    • Click on the ALL link, ALL and ANY options are available
    • Click on the TRUE link, TRUE and FALSE options are available
  • Leave the conditions blank if you want to apply for all products

Set the Conditions

Step 3: Set the Actions

  •  When all conditions are met, the Cart Price Rule applies as all actions you set here

Set the Actions

Step 4: Set the Labels

  • Choose Labels tab
  • Under the Default Label section, insert the text in the Default Rule Label for All Store Views.
  • Under the Store View, Specific Labels set the label for each store view

Set the Labels

Step 5: Apply the Rule

  • Click on Save to apply the rule


Note: Do Clear Cache flushing Magento cache from System –> Cache management –> Flush Magento Cache