App Store Optimization Services

App Store Optimization Services

In today’s market, getting your app downloaded or bought by your target audience can be a huge obstacle to your success. You are up against over two million competing apps and that doesn’t even factor in the marketing efforts of the developers behind the apps. In order to compete, it’s vital that you understand how to get your app found in the major app marketplaces.

App store optimization is the process of increasing your app ranking on the app stores, improving targeting to better reach your audience, and increasing your overall visibility. Similar to search engine optimization, you want your app listing to appear higher in the app marketplace search listings. Getting listed in the top results not only results in more downloads and sales, it also gives you credibility.

This is where we come in. Elite mCommerce specializes in app store optimization and can help you target potential customers using keyword analysis, competitor research, and description optimization. Using a careful tracking and testing methodology, we’ll put you ahead of your competitors in the app store.

Here are some of the things that Elite mCommerce can help you with:

Optimizing app title and description. Your title and description is the first thing that potential users see in your listing. That’s why you it’s important that you have a title that draws in users and a description that makes a powerful impact. Choosing the right keywords is also a big part of making your title work.
Extensive competitive analysis. We’ll give you detailed information on what your competitors are doing to draw in users. This will help you a strong of idea of what is working for them while also helping to pinpoint weaknesses in their strategy that you can capitalize on.
Establishing a brand for your app. Having a brand that precedes itself will help you grow the popularity of your app faster than anything else you can imagine. The combination of word of mouth and a positive online reputation can really maximize your marketing and optimization efforts.
Designing the presentation. Having an icon that stands out and is recognizable is an important part of drawing users and creating familiarity. Having screenshots on the description page that supports the main functionalities of your app is also important to the presentation.
Using an iterative process to improve performance. The optimization process is anything but linear. We’ll revisit different parts of the project and various aspects of optimization over and over again until everything flows and works fluidly.
Resolving app indexing problems. We’ll help you with all your app indexing issues from making sure your app is properly connected to corresponding web pages, your brand name is properly mentioned where necessary, and your listing is set up for being indexed.
Using social and local marketing to promote the app. Local search is very important to mobile users. Targeting local users can be a great way to gain visibility when global search results are too competitive. Social is also another great way to market your app. It can be an indispensable tool for building relationships with your users and spreading the word about your app.

Why Choose Elite mCommerce?

We have the vast experience to see your project through from start to finish. First of all, we have expertise in SEO and SEM. This means that we can help you use these channels to promote your app through the major search engines.
We not only help with app store optimization, we also specialize in the development of iOS and Android apps. This means that we can give you valuable advice for improving the design and functionality of your app.
We use the latest tools to analyze, strategize and monitor your campaigns. We’ll know what’s going on through every phase of the project and make the necessary adjustments and improvements to deliver you the results you’re looking for.
We also supply you with a dedicated account manager. We are serious about customer service and making sure your clients are happy. We make sure our clients have somebody ready to answer all their questions, listen to their suggestions, collaborate with them, and provide them with regular updates.
Getting your app created is just the first step. Let us help give you the visibility and results your app deserves. Visit Elite mCommerce to learn more about what we can do for you.

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We deliver supreme level of customer service by launching result-driven mobile apps, good project management and continuous communication.

Why Elite mCommerce?



Our highly-skilled team of developers can work to deliver your application on a variety of platforms. They are trained to make use of the latest tools and software programs to ensure that your app appeals to a wide audience.


Communication is essential to a successful and positive working relationship. We understand how frustrating it can be to not effectively get your point across or feel that your voice is not heard. Here at Elite mCommerce


We strive to implement agile software development practices in our application development processes. Implementing agile development as oppose to traditional software development practices is ideal.


The best value for your money is one of the hallmarks of agile software development. It is also our promise to you. We offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality


Our team is well-equipped with the necessary tools and technologies needed to deliver a competitive mobile application on any platform. Our development process is also streamlined to follow ISO’s quality management system requirements.


All project information is 100% confidential for mobile development applications. We will never share or distribute privileged client information. All clients share this benefit.

Our customer says

“Elite mCommerce has helped us improve our app listings and helped us hone in on our target users. This resulted in increasing the download of our app by 400% over 30 days. There is so much more growth potential ahead of us and we can’t wait to see what else the team can do to grow the popularity of our app over the course of the next few months.”
– Tillie W.

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