Configuration for MSG91 and Twilio

SMS Configuration Support:

SMS configured in the back end is configured with Twilio-MSG91 SMS gateways, users will get an SMS for certain activities done in the front-end application. It is useful to get details in SMS if the user provides mobile number details in the front-end application.

Default Support for SMS Configuration:

SMS gateway is integrated in admin, by adding authentication key and selecting scenarios to trigger SMS users will get SMS for the process done in the front-end application. SMS triggered message template also can get configured from admin.

Store Admins can configure the SMS gateway in few simple steps.We have two types of SMS gateway Services-

    • MSG91
    • Twilio

Below are the simple steps to configure SMS gateway

Step 1: MSG 91 Configuration

    1. Need to Generate Authkey
    2. Need to generate Sender ID
    3. Copy the information in Admin Backend

First of all, the admin needs to generate the Authentication Key from the account and this is how it is taken:

      1. Login MSG91 Account using below URL -It will ask for email and log in using OTP
      2. Enter the OTP received and log in to Dashboard
        1. Navigate to Configuration → Auth Key


MSG 91 Configuration

2. Uncheck the box ”Enable Additional Security”

Enable Additional Security

                          3. When you Navigate to Configuration → Auth Key → Create New, you get the images shown below

4. Enter the name of Auth Key in the “Name your authKey” field

5. Select PHP and Magento 2 in the” where are you integrating” drop-down box

6. Click “Add”

New auth Key

                          7. Your auth Key will be created. You can refresh the page and check as shown below:

auth Key

                           8. Navigate to Configuration → Sender ID → Add Sender ID as shown below

Navigate to Config

9. Enter the Details Destination Countries

10. Enter the alphanumeric ID of a choice ranging from 6-10 characters in the Sender ID

11. Check the box “If you want to send to more than 10 countries” – if in case you want to send SMS to more than 10 Countries

12. In Brand, Name-You can copy the Registered Name or can put the Brand Name

13.Select the registered Website URL. You can add a logo if you want

14.Click “Save Sender ID”

sender ID

It takes only a few minutes to configure with the information in the backend

  • Navigate to Stores → Configuration → Elite mCommerce → SMS Gateway Configuration
    1. Enable the option-” Yes”
  • Paste the Auth key copied from the account and enter the Sender ID

3.The Choose Route will initially not show any dropdown. To get that, save the configuration and check the field.

4.There will be three options -Promotional/Transactional/Send OTP-Choose “Transactional” for Choose Route 

5.Save Configuration

SMS gateway Config

Scroll Up and Open Module Configuration:

  1. Enable the SMS Gateway Module –” Yes”
  2. Choose the Gateway option between Twilio and SMS Country(MSG91)-

sms gateway configuration-2

3.Navigate to “Template Settings” under the Module Configuration

4.Enable –” Yes” all the three trigger settings so that SMS will trigger while new order placement, New registration, and OTP based Login

5.The Message to be sent can be edited in the respective content box below each trigger type

template settings

6.Save the Configuration and Flush Magento Cache

There are a few steps shown below on how to configure Twilio-SMS Gateway.

Twilio SMS gateway can also be set up with a few configuration steps.

Step 2: Twilio SMS Gateway Configuration

  • Login to Twilio Account-get the Account API Keys
  • Get Sender IDs
  • Copy-Paste Keys from account to backend Admin  and Save Configuration

Go through the steps below to configure the Twilio SMS gateway

    1. Login to

Navigate to Settings → General, Scroll down and look for “API Credentials”

  1. There will be 2 Credentials- Live and Test Get the Account SID and Auth Token
  2. Select the relevant credentials to test or to put it live

twilio dashboard

5.Navigate to Stores → Configuration → Elite-mCommerce → SMS Gateway Configuration→ Twilio SMS

6.In Module Configuration Enter as shown in the following:

7.Enable The Module- “Yes”

8.Choose Gateway- “Twilio”

9.Enable –” Yes” all the three trigger settings so that SMS will trigger while new order placement, New registration, and OTP based Login in Template Settings

10.You can edit the message of Each trigger in the content box

module config

11.In General Settings, enable-” Yes”, copy the Auth key, Auth Token and enter 5 digit ID of your choice

twilio sms general settings

12.Save the Configuration and Flush Magento Cache

DLT Registration (Registering Indian SMS Gateway-with Service Provider)
You have to register the DLT process(Entity Registration –> Header Approval –> Mapping Entity Id on MSG91/Twilio),
if you are sending SMS on Indian Numbers. Now, the next process for DLT is SMS Content Template Registration, this means you have to register each of your SMS content on the DLT platform

As per Telecom Operators, from 7th January 2021 DLT Template Id will be a mandatory SMS parameter.

Guide to DLT Registration Part 1:

Guide to DLT Registration Part 2 (Entity Registration):