Multi-channel Communication- Call, Chat and Email

The customer can communicate with the store admin in 3 different channels of communication

  • Call
  • Chat
  • Email

We can configure this is in very simple steps

How does it look in app: The three buttons to multi-channel feature. The chat can also be started with that icon with a blue circle

This multi-channel communication makes the customer interact with the store admin through a quick call, or active chat and through email

Category Configuration

Step 1: How to Configure Call and Chat Settings

  • Navigate to Stores → Configuration → Elite mCommerce → General Configuration → Multi-channel Communications

Configure Call and Chat Settings


Configure Call and General Settings

2.Enter the Call back number- Phone number with Country code- for calling from app

3.For Chat functionality, Store admin has to subscribe with Zendesk chat feature and login with below login link

4.Login to Zopim-Zendesk chat account –

Logining to Zopim

5.Click on the avatar on the right side top, → Click on Check connection

Avatar Selector Dashboard page

6.Copy the Account key from your account as shown in figure and paste it in “Zopim ID” box under Multi-channel Settings

Account Key of Zopim

Step 2 : How to Configure Email Feature

  • Navigate to Stores → SMTP → Configuration

Configure Email Feature

2.Enter the host details , Port, Protocol, and Authentication as shown in image below(if it is gmail mail) if you are using domain based email- then put the host details as “” and other details same

3.Enter the email address and Password

4.Configure Test email – put send test to “ <your email id> for testing and save the configuration

5.Try to test your email if you wish to check if mail is received or not

Test Email Feature