New User Creation by Store Admin- User Guide

Store admins can create New Users and Define their Roles from their back end admin

Store admins can create Users and Roles in below mentioned simple steps

  1. Create Roles
  1. Define Access to the Roles
  1. Create New User
  1. Map the Role to the new user and Save

Step 1: How to Create a New Role

What is Role?

The role, here, is something that a user possesses certain action/access on the back end​For. E.g Inventory

Manager -Can access the Inventory List, import or export Products and Product management only when

then access to the listed items are given from Store Admin

To create a New Role,

  1. Navigate to “System” on Side Menu of Admin Panel → Permissions → User roles

user roles

2. Click Add New Role

add new role

3. Enter the Role name and Enter the current password to verify identification

Role information

Step 2: How to map access to New Role:

  1. Switch to Role Resources to map the accesses to the role
  1. Select Resource Access “Custom” to map customized access or else select “All” to give full access
  1. Select the access checkbox to map the access to the role

mapping access to new role

new role access list

4.New Role Creation Confirmation:

new role saved

Step 3: How to Create New Users:

  1. Navigate to “System” ​→ Permissions ​→ All users ​→ Click Add New User

Create new user

2. Fill all the details in the User Info Tab and enter the current password for Verification:

User information

3. Map The Role to User and “Save User”:

save user

Step 4: How to Create a New User for a delivery boy:

  1. Navigate to “System” ​→ Permissions ​→ All users ​→ Click Add New User

add new delivery boy

2. In the ​User Info tab​, select the “User Type” – “Delivery” and enter the relevant details

delivery boy information

current login password

3. In the User Role Tab, Select the role “Delivery Boy”.

user role tab

  1. In the More Information Tab, Enter the Details of Delivery Partners as follows:
    • Make Sure to enter the details of the driver-partner correctly as the details will not be editable in the Delivery app.
    • The mandatory fields are Contact number, Vehicle no. and Vehicle Type, hence make sure to enter the details correctly
    • The Profile picture is however not a mandatory field but can be uploaded here with the dimension 360×480 or lesser.

delivery partner more information

5. Save the user after entering info in all 3 tabs