How to View an order?

Now, let us understand how is the admin notified of new orders and how to view the orders 

Admin shall receive an email notification on new orders as shown below

email notification

How to View an Order?

Admin Shall Navigate to Sales → Orders → and view all the list of orders

Navigating to orders

  • Admin shall Click on “View” or simply click on the order that he has received as New Order Notification

New Order Notification

Order view Descriptions:

Order view Descriptions

Information Display detailed information about the order and account, including the billing and shipping addresses, payment and shipping methods, items orders, totals, and notes.
Invoices Lists each invoice that is associated with the order.
Credit Memos Lists each credit memo that is associated with the order.
Shipments Lists each shipment record that is associated with the order.
Comments History Lists all notes that are related to the order.

Order Detail Page:

Order Detail Page

What do we have in the Button bar-order options menu?

Back Returns to the Orders page without saving changes.
Cancel Cancels the sales order.
Send Email Sends an email about the order to the customer.
Hold / Unhold Changes the status of the sales order to On Hold. To release the hold on the sales order, choose “Unhold”.
Invoice Creates an invoice from the sales order by converting the order to an invoice.
Ship Creates a shipment record for the order.
Reorder Creates a new sales order based on the current order.
Edit Opens a pending order in edit mode. The Edit button isn’t visible for orders with a status of “Processing”, or orders that are based on negotiated quotes.

Order information:

Order Number The order number appears at the top of the sales order, followed by a note that indicates if the confirmation email was sent.
Order Date The date and time the order was placed.
Purchased From Indicates the website, store, and store view where the order was placed.

Account information:

Customer Name The name of the customer or buyer who placed the order. The Customer Name is linked to the customer profile.
Email The email address of the customer or buyer. The email address is linked to open a new email message.
Customer Group The name of the customer group or shared catalog to which the customer is assigned.

Address information:

Billing Address The name of the customer or buyer who placed the order, followed by the billing address, telephone number and VAT, if applicable. The telephone number is linked to autodial on a mobile device.
Shipping Address The name of the person to whose attention the order should be shipped, followed by the shipping address and telephone number. The telephone number is linked to autodial on a mobile device.

Payment and shipping details

In the above Screen:

  • Payment & Shipping method- Admin shall be able to see payment information if it was an online payment
  • Shipping and Handling information-admin shall be able to see the shipping and handling charges
  • Delivery Slot Information- Admin shall be able to see the Delivery slot customer has chosen to deliver his order
  • Review Items Ordered- Admin can review the items ordered by the customer

review the items

Other Important points of Navigation

  • The Status is Processing with Online Payment ( the Payment action is Authorise & Capture in the backend)

Processing with Online Payment

  • Admin can choose the required columns to show from the “Columns” Option as shown below 

Columns Option

Columns Option-2

Check order status:

  • A Pending order can be modified, put on hold, canceled, or invoiced and shipped.
  • A Processing order can no longer edit the substance of or cancel the order, but the billing and shipping address can be edited.
  • A Completed order can be reordered.