View all categories-Configuration

Users can view all categories by clicking on the link placed on the home of the app. The configuration can be done in few simple steps as guided below:

App builder Configuration

  • Open App Builder:
  • Log in to App builder
  • Select the Store from the Dropdown list.



  • Select the Template from the Template list.
  • Click on the Submit button from the Pop-up screen.



  • Add the Title section from the left side menu.
  • Click on the “Edit” Button from the Mobile App Builder screen.


  • A Pop-up window will appear. You can enter size font size and height, font type, and font style.
  • Align to center, right, or left


  • Select the Category Option from the Link Type section.
  • Select “Root” from the category drop down and click the Submit button.
  • Check as shown in below image:

App End Side

  1. Open the App, the Home Screen will be displayed
  2. The “View All Category” Text will be displayed on the home screen
  3. Click on the “View All Category” to Navigate to the Category list screen.