Paylater Process

In General E-Commerce sites will be preferred online payment or COD. Paylater is the process where the customer can add products and place their order then the payment process for the order is done later

Default paylater process

When the customer sign in and adds the product in cart to check out it shows the paylater button is default checked in the check-out page. Once the order is placed it shows message as ‘Items list will be reviewed and a payment confirmation request will be sent within 12 hours’

To Make an order with paylater process:

1.Login to the mobile app

2.Open product

3.Add product to cart

4.Proceed to checkout

5.Click on proceed to payment

6.In payment page paylater button is checked default


Updating order and allow payment for order from admin 
After the customer places the order, the admin will review and update the order. Admin will make allow payment for the orders after reviewing the order

Steps to review and allow payment for the order

1.Click on sales and click on the order

Sales –>Order


  1. Click on view to review the order in detail view

order in detail view

3.Click on order details edit, Admin can add product and quantity for the order and click on update items and quantities

update items and quantities

Items Ordered

4.Click on Allow payment button to make payment for the order

Allow payment button

5.Click ok to confirm payment

Confirm payment

Steps to make payment in mobile app:

1.Open My Orders page

2.Make payment button is visible

payment button

3.Click on Make payment button, it shows message as review your order and make payment and then redirect to payment page with following details

  • Product details
  • Shipping Address
  • Billing Address
  • Payment Method
  • Shipping Method
  • Payment Summary
  • Amount Payable

product detailsredirect to checkout page

4.Click on make payment button will redirect to checkout page

redirect to checkout page

5. Select payment method to check out and click on place my order button it will show the following details in confirm order page

  • Order details with image
  • Shipping address
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Method
  • Payment Method
  • Payment Summary


6. Click on Confirm my order it will redirect to order success page

Confirm my order

Steps to send queries to admin:

1.Open my order page

2.Click on make payment button

3.Click on send queries

send queries

Comment box is displayed to send queries to admin, Enter and click on submit button to send query

send queries

After submitting the query, it shows success message as ‘Your queries sent successfully’

success message

Steps to add push notifications in admin:

  1. Open Stores –> Configurations –> Pay later
  2. Enter message in Allow Payment Notification Message
  3. Click on save configuration

save configuration