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How Mobile App Personalization Has Become the New Trick for Re-defining Customer Experience?

It has been ten years since Amazon launched the product personalization features to improve customer’s experience. Today, this technology has become the talk of the town. The expectations of customers with eCommerce platforms have increased. Today, people prefer to purchase products from an online store that offers personalized user experience rather than uniform features.

Mobile apps have gained immense popularity in the past few years. But, these eCommerce mobile apps are of no use without personalized features. Brands cannot achieve their objectives with those traditional apps that use a one-size-fits-all approach. That being said, it gets quite imperative for companies to offer a personalized mobile app to the users that live up to their expectations rather than driving them away from your brand. 

What is Mobile App Personalization?

A personalized mobile app is the one that meets the varying requirements of each customer rather than having a uniform design. In simple terms, these are customized applications that are designed to grab the attention of the users by offering the most personalized experience. 

According to the studies, the Play Store has more than 1.5 million applications. However, 66% of these apps are immediately uninstalled by the users after the first use. Moreover, almost half of the online buyers make a quick purchase from personalized recommendations. 

Customers find it easier to delete the unfriendly mobile apps and replace them with a personalized mobile app that fit their requirements. Considering these statistics, mobile app development companies have started focusing on the app personalization.

How Personalized Mobile Apps Improve Customer’s Experience?

In today’s competitive world, customers expect their favorite brands to offer a customized mobile app that fulfills their requirements. Here’s how app personalization can result in customer satisfaction. 

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Builds Loyalty

Customers love personalized treatment. They come looking for a particular product on your app/website. If you manage to offer them the most relevant products that interest them, then your website/app visitors will turn into your regular customers. 

The companies gather customer purchase information and online browsing details to provide them with recommendations that match their preferences. App personalization helps startups and established companies to build a loyal customer base by alluring visitors into buying from you.

Retains Users

Customer retention is an important aspect of online marketing. The high download rates and positive reviews will be of no use without active mobile app users. A lot of mobile apps are installed and deleted almost immediately due to the lack of personalized features. You don’t want your app to underperform in the app store market because of the lack of personalization. 

There’s no point in creating outstanding mobile app features that don’t fit your target audience’s requirements. To retain customers, you need to personalize the features and products according to the buyer’s buying pattern and their subscription status. 

Drive More Sales

Do you know businesses lose a large number of customers due to cart abandonment? Customers select the products they want to purchase, they add it to their cart, and get to the payment page. However, they find the transaction process so time-consuming that they abandon the cart and uninstall your mobile app. You cannot send push notifications to every user in order to bring them back to your app and encourage them to complete the purchase. 

By collecting data based on their buying behavior and preferences, you can narrow down the customers to whom the push notifications could be sent. These notifications will drive more sales as customers will love to purchase from your store if you send them personalized alerts.

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