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Business Intelligent Push Notifications – Adding a Touch of Personalization

Mobile apps have become a staple for e-commerce businesses these days. They provide convenience, encourage user engagement, and improve the productivity of your business. But are these benefits limited to online businesses alone? No. As Walmart has exhibited over time, mobile apps can be just as beneficial for grocery store owners as well. 

There are several reasons why mobile apps are superior to a responsive e-commerce website, but a push notification feature is probably the biggest one. Unlike email alerts that can quickly turn into spam, push notifications for grocery store apps allow you to interact with customers on a daily basis and add a touch of personalization to your services. Let’s take a look at how this works: 

Checkout Reminders

One of the key benefits of integrating a push notification feature in your grocery store app is that you can send checkout reminders to customers. As it often happens, many customers will add items to their shopping cart but will not complete the purchase. Sending a reminder through a push notification can help the customer complete their buying journey. It is non-intrusive as well and allows the customer to return to their shopping cart at their convenience. 

Purchase Patterns

Mobile apps help you develop a personal relationship with your customer. You can analyze the data for a customer’s in-store and online purchases and understand their needs and preferences. This can help you send push notifications regarding new products that a customer may be interested in. You can increase your user retention rate through this strategy. For instance, a loyal customer that receives such notifications is likely to get enticed into making a new purchase. This encourages continuous engagement and helps build trust.  

Location-based Targeting  

You can also develop a geo-based push notification feature for your customers. This can help deliver push notifications to customers that are in the vicinity of your physical store. When a customer receives geo-based notifications regarding the latest deals and promotional offers at your grocery store, they are more likely to walk in and make a purchase. This can boost your customer footfall and increase your revenues. 

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Promotional Offers  

Sending push notification about promotional offers and coupons can help you provide greater value to your loyal customers. For instance, if these promotional offers apply to the items that are present on a customer’s wish list, then this is a major win. Digital coupons are superior to physical coupons as well. Your customers will no longer have to look through local newspapers and magazines. Instead, they can get rewarded according to how much they buy from your grocery store app. This can make them feel more appreciated. 

Deep Linking

Allows you to keep in touch with your customers by providing timely messages and relevant information like rewards descriptions and special offers with links through which the user will land directly on the respective pages instead of searching and going through the homepage. Deep Linking directly helps to improve the user experience and increase conversions.

To Sum It Up 

Customer behavior changes at a rapid pace. You must be able to anticipate these changes if you want to provide value and exceed their expectations. A smart grocery store app with a push notification feature can help you do exactly that. You can provide more personalized services to your customers, build trust, increase user engagement, and drive up sales. 

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