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eCommerce store into a mobile commerce app

Turn your eCommerce Store into a Mobile Commerce App

The idea of shopping on your smartphones seemed fascinating a long time back. Nowadays everyone just grabs their mobile, open the mobile app of a retail store or restaurant, place an order, and get their products delivered at their doorsteps. If reports are to be believed, then the total revenue of mCommerce will reach up to 700 billion dollars in 2019. Mobile apps are so convenient and useful that people love to use them every day. From social media sites to online shopping, anything can be done through mobile apps. Easy steps to convert the eCommerce store into a mobile commerce app are discussed here.

Nowadays, the interest of people has shifted towards mCommerce. The easier and convenient shopping experience tempts people into downloading the retail mobile apps from their app store. As the demand for a mobile app is increasing, it only makes sense for retailers to turn their eCommerce store into a mobile commerce app. However, developing and designing a mobile app from scratch can turn out a challenging and expensive job. Instead, you should try to turn your e-commerce website into a mobile app using readymade mobile app builders like Elite mCommerce. This will reduce your overall app development cost and time significantly. 

Steps to Developing a Mobile Commerce App from the eCommerce Store

You must follow a systematic process to ensure that your mobile apps are developed on time. Following these steps, you can build a mobile app from the website. Make sure that the database remains the same. Only the way the information is displayed will var.y. Let’s get started with the procedure to turn the eCommerce store into a mobile commerce app.

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Platform Identification

You can build an eCommerce website on several eCommerce platforms such as Magento or WordPress. It is imperative to choose a perfect platform after taking into consideration your business and objectives.

Identifying the right platform for building your eCommerce website is important. The platform you choose will decide how complex the mobile app development procedure is. For example, developing a Magento based mobile app is far more secure than other platforms. 

Keeping the Design Same

You are creating a mobile app out of an existing website. Your customers are used to the design of your website. They will want your official mobile application to boast similar features as the website. It is, therefore, important to maintain consistency by keeping your mobile app design and features similar to the website.

API Development

Content Management System simplifies the website development process. For example, Magento is one of the leading eCommerce website development platforms that make the website development an easy process. 

However, mobile apps do not have a closed system of software components. To develop a mobile app for your website, you need to create the APIs. So far, this is the toughest part of the mobile app development from the eCommerce store procedure. Only the best mobile app developers or readymade mobile app builders can help overcome these.

API Integration

To ensure that your mobile app works properly, you need to integrate the API with an application view. The View is responsible for presenting the dynamic and static information to the users. Though static pages stay the same, dynamic information (like the price of the products) keeps on changing. Thus, it is fetched by the API from the server. That’s why proper integration is a must. 

Testing and Deployment

Once the mobile app development process completes, the app is tested for potential bugs and quality. Testing involves a thorough checking of the mobile app. This process is mandatory since it is the phase where a mobile app tester tests the mobile app and reports any flaws or bugs if found.

As soon as the mobile app is tested and cleared, it is distributed to the users through the App Store. 


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