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Increase Customer Loyalty Through Mobile Apps!

Since the advent of mobile technology, the marketing and advertising sphere has witnessed an evolution that has sent flyers and handbills to extinction and embraced the mobile realm.

Customer retention and satisfaction has become the goal of every successful business, and such businesses have strived to come up with convenient tools that allows their consumers have access to all the services and information they need on-the-go through mobile applications.

Mobile application has become a necessary tool for all businesses regardless of their size. Although it may be viewed as an expensive investment, it actually helps brands to engage with their customers, gather relevant data, build consumer satisfaction, increase customer loyalty, drive sales and boost returns on investment.

Studies have shown that App users are more loyal to a brand when compared to those who visit from the web. Users no longer see the need for a face-to-face interaction, as all the information they need, ranging from promotions, prices and other features is right at their fingertips through their mobile.

Mobile Apps are not solely for the big brands across industries, but even SME’s are sure to benefit from it. In other for a brand to build customer loyalty in a competitive marketplace, it is important to create a mobile app that is user-friendly and customer-focused.

Customer loyalty is the connection a consumer has with the brand, that turns a one-time user to a repeat customer that later goes on to become your business brand ambassador. The best way to increase customer loyalty is to give your consumers a tool to connect with you from anywhere in the world.

Here are Eight (8) ways your brand can increase customer loyalty through mobile apps:

Give Support And Interact With Your Users

By interacting with your consumers and giving support to customers from anywhere through mobile apps, not only improves the customer engagement and leaves them satisfied, but it also provides an opportunity to enhance customer retention and gain loyalty. With the help of such feedbacks gotten from customer interaction, it would be easier for brands to spot the services that needs improvement. This helps to retain old customers, while also attracting new ones. Creating an engaging experience is of great value to the business and beneficial to the customer.

Offer Rewards And Promotions

Everyone loves to feel that they’re getting something extra. A mobile app can give you the ability to provide promotions and rewards directly to your users. Offer rewards for recommending the App to friends and inviting them to use it or encourage customers to perform some actions that will grant them a special reward. This will generate excitement about your product and also fetch you more users, through this you get increased customer loyalty!

Create Personalized Experience For Users

Creating a personalized experience helps the customer feel more connected to the brand. This will make your app users feel unique and valued and encourage them to use the app and interact with the brand whilst consolidating a deeper and long-lasting relationship. Not only do mobile apps help build a strong relationship with your customers, they also generate useful data and offer insights into customer preferences and behaviour in order to provide them with the best experience tailored to their specific needs and in turnbuild customer loyalty.

Educate And Add Value

Create an app that educates and provide content that delivers added value to its users. Provide your customers with information about your products and services, give them the opportunity to look at all the available options and then make an informed decision. By providing a customer with an educational tool and a useful service, a business can develop their brand and build loyalty.

Build A Positive Image For Your Brand

Mobile app creates a positive impression on a business. Mobile apps also make the details about your business more readily available; this gives your business an edge over other businesses. This helps a lot of people aside from you regular customers have access to your products or services and boosts your sales.

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Inform And Notify

Using the app to personally notify the consumer about latest updates, relevant information and products will keep the customer interested in the business. Surveys have shown that 97% of online customers read updates within five minutes of release. Your updates can be shared within a short time and place your business at competitive advantage in today’s competitive marketplace. Through the mobile app, consumers can also be notified of promotions and other benefits before they expire, to help users participate actively and not miss out on discounts.

Create Top Of Mind Awareness (TOMA)

The mobile app plays an increasing role in a business’ connection with their customers. Brands that don’t have a strategy to stay on top of mind are more likely to struggle when dealing with the mobile shift that the marketing and advertising world has taken. Tech-savvy businesses would know how to maximize the power of customer loyalty program and retention through the mobile app on devices, where the customers spend most of their time. The icon of the mobile app is saved to the user’s mobile device desktop. This means that every time the consumer uses their device, there’s a good chance your business will be in front of their eyes and at the top of their minds as a subconscious reminder.

Accessibility And Engagement

In today’s fast-paced society, people expect to get access to information and services quickly, with a few clicks on their devices your business mobile app can come in handy, saving individuals the stress of having to physically go to the location before they can have access to a particular service. Mobile apps provide users with a one-touch access to the information they need about your company, right when they need it.  This information is readily available to them on the go, no matter where they are, this keeps the consumer engaged and ensures a satisfying relationship between the customer and the brand.

Businesses, independent of their size should focus on creating a mobile app that will not only enhance customer retention and improve customer relationship but also go a long way in driving sales and increasing customer loyalty.

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