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Mobile Customer Retention Strategies

6 Ways To Improve Your Customer Retention In Prestashop And Magento Mobile Apps

Consumers have consistently regarded mobile commerce as the most efficient method of conducting business. Unfortunately, many business owners forget to implement a strategy that includes Mobile Customer Retention.

Although the investment may be expensive, a mere 5% increase in mobile customer retention can increase profits by 25% to 95%. View customer retention as a long-term strategy in order to improve your business’s sustainability.

Customer Retention Strategies

The following tips will improve your chances to retain current as well as prospective customers.

  • Reduce The Responsibility of Your Customer

Harvard Business Review published research stating the largest reason for customer loyalty. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the company’s ability to “wow” their customer. It is the ability to reduce consumer effort. When creating your mCommerce store, make the consumer’s life easier and they’ll want to stick around.

  • Personalization

A consumer desires to feel important. Create frameworks based around your consumer. While revamping your Prestashop mobile app or Magento mobile apps, remember to implement methods that create a personal experience for your customer. Furthermore, create a simple, non-impeding way to remind your customer of the easy process they experienced.

  • Implement a Consumer Service Surprise

Great customer service has become the norm in the commerce and mCommerce world. An American Express survey found Americans tell an average of nine people about good customer service experiences. Create a foundation for your consumer experience with handwritten notes or gifts.

  • Survey Your Customer

High levels of customer satisfaction correlate to higher profits. Implement a survey into your Magento mobile app or Prestashop mobile app in order to understand whether your strategy is successful or not.

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  • Relate to Your Customers

Customers want to spend money on products they relate to. As you begin to understand your market and demographic, utilize the information to optimize sales. This bias is called implicit egotism. Brand your message to include and resonate with your targeted demographic.

  • Begin With Why?

Many business owners know how and what they are producing. However, the differentiating factor is why. Your customer must understand why they are choosing you instead of the competition. A constant reminder of your finer qualities will increase customer loyalty.

Utilize a Mobile App That Works for You

A mobile commerce builder like Elite mCommerce give you the option to implement these Customer Retention Strategies and more. EMC gives you the possibility to sync in real-time with your account, multiple themes, flexible payment options, coupons, and smooth navigation. All of these features are provided for a low price of $59/mo while giving you the possibility to retain more customers through the methods mentioned above.

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