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How to integrate payment processing with your POS system

Point of sale or POS is often an overlooked component of most small businesses, online and offline. Point of sales system processes all the transactions of your businesses efficiently and thus embedding a POS device in the current times is indispensable. Most businesses use a card reader nowadays, but they can also use a POS system simultaneously to streamline their transactions.

POS integration is a much-needed feature for your store if you don’t want your customers to leave your store without investing in your business.

How to embed a POS system with your payment processor?

Most businesses fail to use the chance to earn more revenue by integrating their payment processor and POS systems. An effective POS system not only allows you to process transactions faster, but it also offers other advanced features like inventory management, actionable reports of your sales data, etc.

Follow these super-simple steps to combine the two powerful technologies, POS system, and payment process in your business:

  • Get the right POS system

If you want to embed a credit card processing system in your business, you should ideally start with choosing a suitable POS system. You should consider the store layout and the space available in your office/store. Your POS system forms the base of the credit card processor by taking in some inputs and then converting them into successful transactions and that is why it is not recommended to use the credit card reader without the payment gateway. You can also retrieve daily sales records, employee attendance, and other metrics from the POS device. However, you need compatible hardware/software setup as well as a POS system, which would cater to the needs of your business.

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  • Choose a payment processor

After you have selected POS software, you should now come to this step and choose a payment processing services provider. Alternatively, you can also purchase a credit card machine from the payment processing company. However, if the brand of your payment processor and POS device are different, then make sure to check the hardware and software compatibility. On the contrary, if you work with the same vendor for the integration, they would take care of the entire setup process and will also provide you customer support to resolve any technical glitches.

  • Do some homework about security features

Before entrusting your financial transactions to a 3rd party company, you should always do an ample amount of research to check the reliability of the brand. Online transactions have proved to be a boon and a bane to mankind because the number of scammers is increasing with each passing day. So go to the website of the potential Payment gateway and inspect the security certifications they have acquired. Another essential feature to look for is 24×7 customer support so that you can always report any suspicious activity to the team and get all your issues addressed instantly.

  • Adding multiple employees in POS

After you have selected the best POS device for your payment gateway it is essential to double-check the number of employee accounts you can add to it. Since the POS system is responsible for optimizing multiple business processes, you would have to add in several employees of various ranks. You can even customize the level of access for each employee to not reveal confidential information to others. Talk to your vendor before the POS integration starts so that they can vary the customization according to your preferences.

Using an all-in-one POS system clubbed with a payment processor will enable easy management of your business thereby helping you to gain more profits over time. Your customers will enjoy the super-fast experience and soon you will begin to witness a peak in customer loyalty.


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