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How Retailers can Give Importance to the Older Community of Shoppers During the Pandemic?

It is high time retailers stopped expecting their business to get back to how it was before the pandemic (at least until the pandemic exists). There had always been a strong battle between the land-based retail stores and eCommerce marketplaces. It had become quite difficult for retailers to match the level of online marketplaces and outperform them. 

This was before the pandemic. Now, the novel coronavirus has brought numerous changes to the retail shopping industry. Some of these changes aren’t temporary. For example, using eCommerce mobile apps for shopping has become quite popular these days. This trend is expected to last for years (regardless of how long the pandemic lasts). 

Customers have already adjusted their lifestyles. They have embraced stay-at-home orders. With fewer visits to grocery stores or retail shops and more online shopping, it has become quite important for retailers to drop the wait-and-see act and adjust their selling pattern according to the current customers’ buying pattern. Digitizing your businesses has become a necessity if you want to survive the fierce competition. People are concerned about their safety. And, they seem to have adopted the stay-at-home and online shopping orders. So, how do you make your online retail store better? Let’s find out.

Prioritize Your Current Customers

For as long as digital businesses existed, some retailers have been putting the in-store experience before everything. Providing customers with a seamless shopping experience has become their main priority. They have started to offer exciting promotional deals to retain customers. There is no denying that mobile shopping has opened several opportunities for retailers. It facilitates smoother and faster shopping, easy navigation, and a seamless user experience. It is also convenient for your existing customers to download your retail store app, add products to their cart, and complete the checkout process. 

The promo deals, such as discounts, vouchers, and coupons, encourage your existing customers to spend more on your store. Currently, the priority of retailers is old and existing customers. Of course, they are trying to generate a significant amount of traffic and qualified leads. But, their priority is the existing customers that have proven to be their regular shoppers. Those who have already spent bucks on your products are highly likely to spend more if you offer quality services. 

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People like to shop from the stores they are familiar with. If they have purchased from your grocery mobile app in the past, there is a good chance they are going to shop again if they like your promotional deals and current offers. By enhancing the in-store app experience and providing them with a broad range of options, you can improve users’ mobile shopping experience. 

Remember that the product you sell is not the first thing that draws your audience to your app or website. It is rather the mobile app, user interface, navigation, and the basic functionalities that attract people. So, building a quality app should be your main concern. 

Safe Product Delivery 

The whole purpose of online shopping is to contain the spread of COVID-19. While online shopping makes everything quite easy, people can avoid contact when collecting their orders by choosing contactless delivery. Retailers have started to take certain precautions for safe delivery. For instance, the delivery man wears a mask and maintains a 6-feet distance. They ring the doorbell, step back and leave the product on a clean surface on the doorsteps.  

Retailers are more concerned about following a high standard of hygiene to protect their customers and delivery staff. That’s a great step to growing your retail store in these tough times. Safe home delivery should be your priority.