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Home & Garden Grocery delivery takes flight to meet high demands

In this challenging situation, it has become challenging to get groceries delivered on time. Most eCommerce platforms struggle to meet the high demand for grocery items, especially ensuring that these reach the customers in fresh condition. The same is applicable to gardening items. Say, for instance, you have ordered seeds for certain vegetables that you wish to grow in your garden. Given that eCommerce portals are struggling to ensure that essential items are delivered to customers on time, it becomes an added challenge to provide customers with gardening items. Considering this situation, many customers are opting to grow their own kitchen gardens that will provide them with a fresh supply of herbs and other things like microgreens. If you have a yard or a garden, then you can even consider growing a vegetable garden. Some of the trends that have been observed regarding kitchen and home gardens in this situation are as follows:

  1. A fresh supply of herbs

With many online grocery mobile apps failing to provide fresh herbs regularly, many customers are opting to start their kitchen gardens. Some of the most straightforward herbs like coriander, basil, and parsley can quickly be grown in the kitchen window sill. All you need is a big pot and good quality potting soil. The place needs to be airy and bright. However, when you start your kitchen garden, you need to be patient as well. It is not overnight that your herbs will begin growing. But once these start, you will have a regular supply of fresh herbs; what you have to understand is that many eCommerce platforms have to cancel the supply of perishable items like herbs due to the high volume of demand. Instead, things that have longer shelf value can be supplied efficiently. Thus, if you start your kitchen garden, you will be helping the eCommerce portals as they can reduce the number of perishables to be stocked and use the space to stock other grocery items.

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  1. Start growing microgreens

The huge volumes of demand for grocery items are forcing many online grocery delivery services to cancel orders. This has led to individuals who are used to having healthy food like salads and micro-greens regularly in a problematic situation. Even when you have ordered such items through a local grocery delivery app, you might get an email telling you that your order has been canceled because of huge demand. Disappointing as it may sound, it has become a reality, and if you want to avoid such disappointments, you can start growing your own microgreens in the following manner: 

  • These are easy to grow seeds and can be grown in the simplest of pots.
  • All you need are the seeds that will sprout into the micro-greens. 
  • If you like eating arugula, celery, rocket, kale, broccoli, radish, or other similar micro-greens, then order a kit online.
  • Once these are delivered, plant these in pots as per instructions. You will see that these seeds sprout quickly.
  • You will find that as you cut the top of the microgreens off the seeds continue to sprout. 

So with a kitchen garden, you will get a steady supply of micro-greens for your salad.

Thus, even in this challenging situation, you can get your steady supply of healthy food with a little planning. As online grocery apps are doing their best to ensure that all items reach you on time and in the best condition, you could turn to kitchen gardening to help these companies out. It might also turn out to be a hobby that will bring you joy.