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Marketing strategies to promote delivery app during COVID-19

6 Marketing Strategies Grocery Stores can Follow to Promote their Delivery App During COVID-19

People are using mobile apps to stay productive and healthy during this tough time. According to the research, the time spent on mobile apps has witnessed growth by 20% in 2020. Considering this shift in people’s behaviour, it makes sense for companies to adjust their marketing strategies to cater to their audience’s requirements. 

The fear of getting infected with COVID-19 has led to a sudden change in the grocery shopping pattern. One obvious change is the increased use of the mobile apps for grocery shopping, customers find it safe to place an order for their essentials online and have it delivered to their address. Not only is it safe, but online grocery shopping is convenient. Customers don’t need to drive to the nearest supermarket or lift heavy grocery bags every week. 

Conduct Market Research

Your app is going to be successful only if you have a clear understanding of what your audience wants, the marketing strategies of your competitors, and your audience’s preference. Start your app development project after doing research on your target audience and competitors. 

Your goal is to satisfy the audience that’s actually interested in buying from your grocery store. Consider the products you sell and think about the audience that will shop from your app. Your app should be designed specifically for your target audience. 

Choose the Right Features for Your Grocery App

If you want to keep your audience hooked to your grocery app, then introduce features that can keep up their engagement with your brand. Remember that the functionalities you choose to include in your grocery app can make a big difference. 

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Promote Your App 

How you market your mobile app matters the most. You can’t develop a mobile app and expect it to gain attention overnight. During this tough time, you will need to introduce your app to the right audience through every possible digital medium. Reach out to your audience via email, SMS, social media, and phone calls. 

Leverage different marketing channels and get your app in front of the target audience. Give them the reason to download your app and shop from your store online. Now is the best time for grocery stores to market their app and build their customer base. Offer fast delivery and promotional offers to get people to purchase from your store. 

Explore Different Business Models

So, you have designed a high-quality app and done its promotion the right way. However, there is still no improvement in conversion and app traffic. Perhaps, the business model you chose isn’t working for your brand.

The main purpose of your grocery app is to grow your business and get more customers. Conduct thorough market research to identify the best business model for your grocery store. You may want to switch your business plans many times until you land the perfect business model that works for your brand. 

Hire a Credible and Experienced Grocery App Developer

The most crucial part of your grocery app marketing strategy is choosing the right and skilled app developer. Hire a company that has experience in mobile app development. They must have an engaging portfolio and considerable experience in this industry. 

Feel free to contact their previous clients to get a better idea of their services. 

Adapt to the Changes

The pandemic has led people to engage in panic shopping. Nobody knows what all changes the brands will see in customer’s shopping behaviour in the coming months. It is best to keep your app up-to-date and introduce changes according to the customer’s current buying pattern.

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