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The Must-Have Essential Features of a Food Ordering App

There are a wide variety of food ordering apps on the market right now, and both consumers and merchants are seeking features that enhance their experience and make the process of ordering a meal as convenient as possible. There’s no reason to go with an app that makes it harder to do what should be a simple, time-saving task. 

Easy Signup

At a time when customers can be asked to use a different app for each place they order from, it’s critical to make it as easy as possible for them to sign up and order. Signup can require nothing more than an email address and phone number, and if the app can accept a wide variety of digital payment platforms, there will be no hesitation over whether it’s worth the time to set it up for the first time.

  1. Fair Prices For Customers

While they have their advantages, some well-known apps that collect have a reputation for charging additional fees that don’t go to the restaurant or the delivery workers. Restaurants that provide their own app can better control what they charge and avoid upsetting customers with unexpectedly high bills. They will also be able to collect better sales data and adjust prices accordingly. Plus, customers will be happy knowing their money is going where they want it to go in order to guarantee great food and service.

  1. Easily Customize Your Menu

It should be easy to offer a variety of menu options and create a layout where customers can easily browse and place their orders. It can help if photos and descriptions can be attached to each menu item. For some establishments, menus are likely to change, so an ordering app should make it convenient to rearrange the menu, add new items, and promote hot selling specialties. Using an app that is slow or inconvenient to manage can lead to confusion from customers trying to order, so it’s critical to find a solution that works for you.

Clear Communication on Orders and Notifications

From the time the order is placed to the delivery, customers should be able to get feedback on whether their order has been received and when it’s completed. The delivery driver should be able to contact the customer through the app’s chat or on the phone if they have difficulty locating the right address, and the customer should be able to reach out if their order has not arrived on time. One bad experience can turn repeat business away. Notifications should accurately inform the customer when the order is out for delivery and when it’s arrived. 

Customer Feedback

Customers should be prompted to provide helpful feedback on service and food quality. This enables merchants to accurately evaluate delivery workers on their performance and learn about any areas of concern that may cause customer dissatisfaction. Feedback can also help evaluate the overall effectiveness of the food ordering app and the restaurant’s quality of service. Making your customers feel heard and connected is an additional benefit.

Enabling Push Notifications

Push notifications are a way to communicate important information to selected groups of users of the app, without needing them to check the app regularly. If an establishment needs to promote new menu items, announce 2-for-one sales on favorites, or announce a new location opening, they can send the news to regular customers who have made use of the app frequently in the past and would benefit most from learning what’s new with their favorite restaurant. 

Many restaurants are not comfortable being thrust into a world where they are dependent on a delivery app for their business, but choosing one with the right features under their control can make working with online orders much easier and satisfying for both restaurants and their customers. 


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