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Grocery Mobile App Solution Gets Enhanced

Mobile tech fastens the global growth Of B2C Retailers. The grocery retailers are no exception to  this modernization. Big grocery brands take the backing of mobile app technology to cater to the app generation customers. To sustain existing customers and engage the new target audience, grocery chains are adapting mobile app solution unique to them. The ultimate goal of adapting this technology is to simplify the grocery shopping experience for their clients – in this blog let us see how a mobile app technology achieves this for the grocery chain owners.

According to the research by a number of giant research firms, there is an exponential growth in mobile shopping. While this being the primary factor for the grocery chain brands to adopt the mobile app technology – there are a number of other undeniable factors too. Let us walk them through one by one.

Grocery app – the transition from “Nice to have” to “Must have” 

The online retail community will forget you if you do not offer them the shopping experience they are used to – through mobile apps. You may have spent huge money in setting up your shop or planning your logistics to provide fresh stock to your customers. Factors like selling quality products, offering competitive pricing, having a well maintained and thoughtfully arranges retail outlet are hygiene factors. Now so has become selling through mobile apps as one of the hygiene factors. 

Now, this is not only to make the life of a customer easy, but also to make the lives of the grocery store owners’ easy. Now you have one more channel open for you to reach a big number of potential clients and the advantage not stops there. You can now gather a lot of statistics such as frequency of purchase, popularly sought product, personal feedback and so on. Since this kind of data is a need to improve your business and sustain over competition adapting mobile app for your grocery store is a must-have. 

Grocery Mobile App
Grocery App – Must have features!

Now for the must-have features in a Grocery app

Some of the features like simple home-page layout, multi-lingual support, store locator based on customer GPS location and loading speed experience are spoken about a lot – hence they fall into the category of basic features. Let us now focus on top three primary features that will help you to be a key-player in this growing industry amongst strong competition. 

Business Intelligent Push Notification

Grocery app push notification

Business intelligent push notifications can entice your users even when your app is not being accessed by them. This type of notification can be personalized for a group of customers whose buying patterns or preferences are similar.

Managing these intelligent notifications are made simple for store owners with plugins. You may automate these push notifications for the smooth landing of your customers on your enticing offers.

Choose Sample While Ordering

We saw push notification engages the customer when the app is not active. While choose sample feature is to attain customer delight – read on to know how. We have seen shop staff offering samples in retail outlets for promoting the products – this will also encourage spot and quicker purchasing decision. 

Now how do we translate this strategy in mobile app shopping? While the customer is browsing for a particular product encourage him or her to choose a sample of a new brand similar to the products he purchased. If you fail to catch his attention at that point – you may try again during the checkout by giving sample options to choose from. 

Look out for returning customers buying those products offered in sample or for their feedback on the sample. Use this data to understand the buyers’ preference and also to make your purchasing decision.

Deep Linking

The Deep Linking feature helps you to improve the time on your app for each visitor. Weave deep links through banner, promotional messages, influencing conversion and so on to keep the app user engaged throughout the time they choose to spend on your app. 

Grocery App Development

This feature also enables the user to navigate within the app smoothly and land on desired product information. This makes navigation seamless and impacts the shopping experience positively.

Look for more…

We have touched upon a lot of interesting items about grocery mobile app. We have more informative blogs coming your way every week. Watch this space for improved customer experience and reduces shopping cart abandonments in our upcoming article. Happy Apping!! 

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