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How Egrove helped me manage my payments

My experience made me realize that as a retailer I am fully responsible about whatever happens on my website and that my duties are not confined to mere showcasing of products on my website. As any other online shopping space may have, I had integrated a payment gateway in my online shop and customers visiting my website used this gateway to complete their purchase and make payments at ease. Though I had not checked for the authenticity of this payment link, things were going on smoothly without any hiccups.

The problem:

The problem began when one of my customers faced an account hack and had his transactions screened. It was then found that the source was the unauthenticated payment link which I had included on my online shopping page. It was actually painful to know that it was due to my carelessness that a customer of mine had to suffer. Although, I had to compensate for the loss and undergo legal proceedings, it was a lesson learnt. I decided to overcome this hurdle with poise.

My research and solution:

I researched thoroughly for all sources to obtain a permanent solution for my problem. I wanted an authorized payment gateway to be incorporated into my website so that my customers need not bear the brunt of account hacks and misuse of their sensitive information.

Egrove systems:

I came across this pioneer in the eCommerce space. As my online kiosk was built on PrestaShop, I was on the lookout for a similar partner who could deep dive and understand my concerns with respect to the working of my website. When I spoke to the experts in Egrove, I found that they were equipped with certified experts in the field of Magento and PrestaShop. They could very well explain to me the nuances of my website and exactly pinpoint the areas to be corrected. I was happy with their approach and zeroed on them as my final choice.

What was I offered?

Though I was demonstrated a plethora of out-of-the-box products specifically built for the eCommerce domain, I chose the product named “PrestaShop Paypal payments advanced module”. As the name refers this product was exclusively for payments made via PrestaShop online platforms which rules even minute possibilities of account/credential misuse.

About the product:

The PrestaShop Paypal payments advanced module focused on providing a highly secure payment network through PrestaShop. The most highlighted feature which my customers liked was that they were not redirected to an external payment site as happens generally to complete the payment. Instead, with this module, the payment is accomplished in the parent page of the shopping space itself. This capability of the module ruled out chances of fraudulence to a great extent while providing a secure feeling to the users and me alike. As the owner and authorized admin of the page, I could also manage transactions like triggering refunds, settling transactions, processing cancelled requests and so on. I could hold the reins of my shopping kiosk and handle processes at ease.

My decision to opt for eGrove Systems was timely which saved my business and has helped me to augment its reach far and near.

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