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Magento mobile app builder

How could Magento mobile app builder help your business?

Businesses today are looking for newer avenues to prove their worth and outpace competitors. Online presence, online customer engagement has progressed a step ahead to mobile engagement and mobile responsiveness.

A recent survey shows that “55% of all time spent on retail websites takes place on a mobile device”.

With users expecting everything to be possible on the move, businesses have been pushed to the compulsion of exploring all options to showcase their best on the mobile platform. Thus being the scenario, there are numerous retailers and online business owners who cannot afford to develop an online webpage or kiosk right from scratch. This doesn’t mean that they will have to be left behind in the run. Mobile app builders come to the rescue of such businesses.

What are mobile app builders?

Though there is a misinterpretation in between mobile app development and mobile app builders, they are significantly different. A mobile app requires coding knowledge for its development, the framework, look and appeal. A mobile app builder on the other hand is a pre-configured template which can be simply plugged into the online space to begin using it. This does not necessarily require any technical coding knowledge and know-how.

The Magento mobile app builder:

As the name suggests, this mobile app builder is specifically meant for the Magento platform. Online business kiosk based on the open-source platform Magento can incorporate this mobile app builder and attain exemplary results out of it.

How do business owners benefit from using mobile app builders?

  • The first and foremost aspect which the Magento mobile app builder takes charge of is the cost which goes into the development of a mobile app. Keeping in consideration its compatibility, the technicalities involved in it, the integration of a mobile app builder is far more cost effective while giving the same and even better scale of results.
  • The next added feature which online owners feel is the customization factor. Stakeholders feel that their branding and particular specifications are taken better care when using the Magento mobile app builder. The space to accomplish customization is higher with much more quality.
  • The catalogs of products which are displayed on the web page are highly interactive and user-friendly. The entire page set-up has a clutter free navigation which is helpful in attracting customers.
  • The mob app built on native apps blend with varied mobile platforms providing a faster and better shopping experience for users without any hiccups.
  • Magento mobile app builders come fully equipped with the power of Google analytics which contributes towards tracking performances and checking for bottlenecks. The analytical reports generated are extremely interactive and simple to understand which supports the business owners in comprehending their business better.
  • The level of synchronization has been dealt well in Magento mobile app builders. Any changes which are made on the web page are automatically reflected in the mobile app without taking specific effort for it.
  • The most important technical aspect that is the payment gateway is completely taken care of in a secured way. The Magento mobile app builder comes with embedded payment gateways based on a reliable payment path.

Identify your requirements and begin your exploration of the right Magento mobile app builder today.

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