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Why Prestashop Mobile App?

If you’ve built eCommerce store based on PrestaShop, then the next logical step is to move forward with a PrestaShop mobile app. The Elite mCommerce mobile app for PrestaShop will sync with your main site for seamless integration. Once you add a product or change your inventory in the backend, both channels will be updated in real time. The remarkable thing is that building Elite mCommerce Prestashop app will do more than just help you reach mobile users. It will also allow you to engage your audience, increase sales and build loyal customers.

Tools to Increase Engagement and Sales

The Elite mCommerce PrestaShop mobile app can grab the attention of your users and customers through push notifications. You can use push notifications to send promotions, provide advice, link to content and more. But more than that, you can personalize the push notifications to send messages that are specific to the interests and demographics of the users for targeted campaigns. The Prestashop app also features live chat and cues to call so that you can provide excellent customer support and help drive sales forward.

Rewards and Discounts to Keep Customers Coming Back

Our PrestaShop eCommerce app builder has a loyalty program, QR code and coupon system built in. By utilizing these features, you can build programs and promotions to encourage customers to spend more money, make more purchases and come back to shop again soon. These features combined with the sales/engagement tools also give your customers a reason to keep our Prestashop apps on their mobile devices and make it a regular on their app rotation.

Enhance the Customer Experience

At Elite mCommerce, we know how important the customer experience is when it comes to eCommerce sites. That is why we have many features that enhance the customer experience in our mobile app for Prestashop. For example, customers can login with their social profiles for quick and easy accessibility. The ordering process provides multiple options like setting delivery schedules, allowing cash on delivery, providing gift wrapping options, and giving customers the ability to submit custom instructions for their orders.
Our PrestaShop eCommerce app builder offers everything you need as an eCommerce business to engage your customers, increase your sales and build a loyal customer base. To learn more about our Prestashop app, visit

Sync with Your Website

Sync the product category and catalog from your existing Magento store. You need not maintain a separate inventory for products. The entire updates of the websites sync with the mobile app automatically. Elite m-Commerce app supports all kind of simple, configurable, bundle and downloadable products. Also app will display the In-stock or out-of-stock notifications about the products.

Sync Website

Relevance, timely notifications activate customers & increase store revenue

In Elite m-Commerce, notifications can send in the following circumstances.

Wish List Notifications

With the help of Elite m-Commerce, merchants can send the alert notification to the customers who stored their product in wish list. Also if the wish list products have any offers, merchants can send the notifications to the customers who stored the product in wish list. This feature can motivate the customers to impulse or unplanned spending.

Store Integration
Wish List Notification
Offer Notification

Abandoned cart notifications

Abandoned cart is a major challenges faced by merchants. Most of the time shoppers can view & add the products into the cart and do not check out. They can use the cart for product & shipping price comparisons. Elite m-Commerce can help the merchant to convert this type of browser customers into buying customers by sending the abandoned push notification

Merchants can send push notifications like

  • Buy within an hour you get free shipping
  • Buy Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone & get 20% off

Order Notifications

Using Elite m-Commerce, merchants can send various order notification to the shoppers. This will help the shoppers to know the order status up to date.
Merchant can send

  • Successful Order notification with Order number
  • Order Status(Pending / Process / Cancelled) notification
  • Order completion notification
Order Notification

Offer Notifications

Elite m-Commerce helps the merchant to send various offer notification to the shoppers. Merchants can send instant offer notification (like deals, coupons), offer notification to frequent buyer of particular product and offer notification to buyer who do not buy/ visit particular products.

Offer Notification

Store Locator

With Elite m-Commerce store locator feature, your customer can view your store location & address details in the map.

This feature is available as Add-ons

Store Locator

Store Integration

You don’t worry about the integration of your store and our Elite m-Commerce Plugin. Our tech support will install the plugin and build the mobile app for you without any delay. With our Elite m-Commerce app, you can build a native iOS and Android app for Magento/PrestaShop retail eCommerce store.

Store Integration

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