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Combination of ecommerce and Artificial Intelligence Work

How does a Combination of ecommerce and Artificial Intelligence Work?

Artificial Intelligence has taken businesses by storm. Unless you were probably isolated in an island for the last few years, there is absolutely no chance of you not coming across the term “artificial intelligence”. Such being the impact of this technology and since it has left no stone unturned to bring in an evolution in various business spaces, let us drill down of how artificial intelligence could be helpful for eCommerce and how could it be effectively incorporated?

A quick snapshot:

Techies could have not missed the competencies of artificial intelligence that being making businesses or operational systems think the way we think. You heard that right! How would it be if you open up your favorite eCommerce website and find your most searched sneaker brand options listed right in front of you? All this just because you had spent some time searching this brand online? Sounds great, isn’t it? This is the power of artificial intelligence. It actually senses the customer’s requirements by diving into their search behavior, finding out the most searched products, types of products and concluding upon the necessities of the customer. Ultimately resulting in a delightful customer base!

A recent study says that by 2020 almost 85% of the customer interactions happening across the globe will be accomplished without human intervention.

How AI can transform the e-commerce space?

Introducing customer-centric searches:

Customers visiting an online kiosk need not be tech-savvy and be aware of keywords and search engines. Customers often punch in random phrases and expect their product to be listed on screen which is not possible. With AI, ecommerce experts can introduce natural language processing techniques which will narrow down and conceptualize to provide relevant results.

Image capturing technique:

Yet another potency of AI is the image capturing technique. Customers can search using images. The system intelligently understands this search and displays all probable results based on these visuals.

Tracking potential customers:

Conversica states that almost 33% prospective leads are not tracked and nearly lost

This concern is taken charge by AI. Artificial Intelligence empathizes and thinks like the customer. Through facial recognition techniques, if the system finds you spending more time in a store looking for a product or analyzing a product, AI ensures to give you the complete details of the same on your shopping screen the next time you login! Won’t this gesture please any customer?


So what is a Chatbot? A Chatbot is probably the best part of Artificial Intelligence and a boon to retailers. This could take charge of several aspects of your eCommerce space including customer interactions. A Chatbot basically helps in starting a personalized conversation with your customer. From order confirmation to customer support for products, Chatbot could do it all for you. Mostly, customers are logged into social media platforms when they begin searching for products online. In such instances, a Chatbot uses these details and begins a chat. Again, integration of Chatbots with shopping carts also helps in conversing with the customers regarding their shipment details. Though there are plenty of options like push notifications, messages, calls and emails, Chatbots have proved to be the most instantaneous and effective medium of interaction with customers.

Let your online space do the thinking the intellectual way with Artificial Intelligence!

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