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5 Dynamic Influences on Mobile App Monetization

During peak summer, kids run out of their houses as they hear the bells of the ice cream vendor. There are two factors of selling point with this. One is kids are at home during summer. Another factor is ‘SUMMER’ – the season for ice creams. Similarly, to sell something, there are a few things we are supposed to consider. It also applies to mobile apps.

To monetize your mobile app, there are a lot of factors to be taken into account. Let’s scroll down to know the 5 Dynamic Influences on Mobile App Monetization.

Get along with the trend
From what we wear to the status in your personal social media accounts, everything reflects the trend. If you are going to build an app, it should also gel with the current trend. It contributes to the reach of your mobile app.

Free!! Free!! Free!!
Your app has experienced a good reach but a good number of downloads? That should definitely be monitored right? For this, let your app not be a paid one. Just give it for free or a trial version may be will help in your app monetization. Let me give an example.

Jane is a member of an old age home. To engage the women there, she taught them to make beautiful hand-made jewelry and accessories for women. She wanted to give something to these women in return. She decided to monetize. She created a website and also a mobile application to sell these stuff online. Prestashop helped in through this process. Initially, she gave a free download for her mobile app. Through this one can view the items available for sale. But for one to purchase the jewelry, they had to register and pay which is apart from the purchasing charges.

As a result, orders started to queue on her app. She made it!!
Prestashop will leverage your business with the right customers. Just give it a shot!

I think we should follow Jane in monetizing the app we create.

The Right Target

When it comes to leveraging your business to the right customers, as mentioned above, tools like Prestashop will help you. But you should know whom to target and focus your app on.
This will make your app scalable and also profitable.

But how to reach the targeted?

Unique Promotion Strategy

To reach your audience, you will have to follow their way. One can see the crowd in public places and public online forums. The days when advertisements were made in public places are gone. Even in public places today, they are walking their heads down with all the six senses in their mobile phone, checking-in, liking, commenting and tweeting. So you are almost there. Create Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages of your brand. I would also suggest the same to Jane, who is interested in selling handmade jewelry for women.

It doesn’t just stop right there. You will have to have your own promotion strategy to grab the attention of your audience and buyers. Something that is unique will always attract people. So make your promotion strategy exceptional and see wonders happen.

If you are going to market your e-commerce, Prestashop is ready to offer you a flawless social media integration.

Is that all? We have one more on the line.

Offers and Discounts

This is being a universal strategy to sell anything and everything. Offers and discounts are seasonal, monthly and even weekly. For Jane, to sell such handmade stuff, she can make use of Christmas. People would be interested in buy and also give return gifts. It will, in turn, contribute to the scalability.

The net result would be more downloads of the app. The above-mentioned factors can be used to bring-in a lot of downloads to the mobile app you are creating.

Elite mCommerce is ready to help several Janes across the world to power her/his eCommerce with many mobile apps and tools.

What are you waiting for?
Happy selling! Start it right away!
More the downloads, more the flow of bucks!

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