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Flourish Your Business with Geofencing Apps – Mobile Apps

These days there is a lot of competition in business for mobile apps. Staying on top of the game is important, especially the technology game. This article will explore the concept of Geofencing.

Geofencing essentially means using a person’s GPS coordinates to link them to deals which they might find interesting. For example, let’s say Diana owns a cake store in an area. She has a good online presence and wants to expand into apps. She also wants to expand her customer base. So what she does is she uses geofencing. This means that whoever within a certain geographical radius of her business (could be anything from 1km to an entire city) searches for cake makers, her store will pop us as a suggestion. This is a very useful thing for both Diana and the customer. She’ll get to increase her customer base, and the customer will get to know about a business he may never have heard of before. Diana can take this opportunity to use geofencing in her app. Adding geofencing features in her app is not so difficult, and Diana can do it on her own. If she finds she’d rather leave that to the experts, then she has many good companies at her disposal who’d be willing to set this up for her.

ElitemCommerce are expert at this and will help business owners to set up mobile apps using mobile app builder such as Mobile apps to set up this. They use mobile app builders to first build an app for the business owner which features his business. Then they’ll add features like geofencing for further enhancement. Many businesses have their own website and e-commerce portal. But in this day and age of smartphones, having that is not enough. Not everyone will have the time or access to a computer to use online websites. Opening online websites on mobile phone browser does not give optimum and satisfactory user experience. This is due to interface problems as converting a computer website into a mobile website doesn’t always go well. This is the main reason business owners are advised to also create apps for their business. Apps are used by everybody and can be accessed from anywhere. Also the app user interface is more mobile friendly and thus more user friendly. A user friendly experience will obviously lead to customer satisfaction.

There are many features to include in a mobile app, but geofencing is a very useful one to have. It will alert app user of nearby businesses, and your business will pop up. It will also alert business owners of nearby users and when they access their business app. Another way geofencing is useful in situations such as home delivery is concerned. Business owners need not worry about locating the customer’s address. Geofencing will pinpoint exact location when the customer uses his or her app to place an order.

As we have seen above, geofencing has numerous uses. Having it in your app is a must and will aid many users. Add it in while using your mobile app builder when you’re building the app itself. The more sophisticated features your app will have, the more people will be attracted to using it and thus your business will grow.

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