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Mobile Commerce App Development Solution – Build Magento Mobile App

In today’s digital world, thinking an eCommerce business without mobile application is no different than a nightmare. Things have come a long way, as people look for timely support and assistance. eCommerce Businesses that bloom in this unforgiving world has done only with the support of mobile app. Businesses thrive over the period only because of the effective communication and by providing creative solutions to the customers.


Mobile commerce is the new eCommerce as 60% of customer traffic is generating from mobile shopping. Majority of the eCommerce consumers trust the mobile experience as it offers numerous benefits over the traditional desktop shopping experience.

Building a Magento mobile app provides the best mobile experience for ecommerce mobile shoppers. Mind you that click and swipes are the user actions that determine sales to your ecommerce business.

Mobile Apps are faster, easier, convenient, enables anyone to shop on the fly rather stay put in one place for buying anything online.


When it comes to Magento mobile app compared to mobile/desktop sites these three things stand out. It is the Conversion Rate, Retention Rate and Product Views results in the growth rate of the ecommerce business.

Retention Rate: Mobile App customers are highly likely to come back to do business in your eCommerce website compared to Mobile web users. With a Magento mobile app, you can up the retention rate of your customers by 187%.

Conversion Rate: Magento mobile app smoothens every aspect of the shopping experience to provide a hassle-free flow within the application, easier checkout results in highest conversion. The mobile app built in a Magento specific solution ensure users to experience the quality and convenient checkout. This results in your business mobile app with 3x conversion rate compared to the mobile web experience.

Mobile Engagement: As per usage statistics, it is the App users who spend more time strolling around products more than mobile web visitors. Magento mobile App environment provides users with the right kind of setup and layout which cannot be seen in the mobile web visitors. Hence, Mobile engagement paves way for the business to generate more sales compared to other engagement mediums.


Building a Mobile App for your Magento eCommerce site made easy with the following solutions. Elite mCommerce provides a complete solution to build quality iOS & Android Magento mobile app. It comes along with useful features for Localization, Promotion & Customer Engagement, App Design Themes, Product Checkout Management, Communication and Social, and finally for Payments as well.

There also several other supporting frameworks. An organized framework actuates essential functions to build Magento mobile app. For any eCommerce business, it provides platform-specific structure as an outright solution. Some of its features are Adaptability, Easy Integration Mechanisms, eCommerce friendly, Prompt push notifications, Synchronization, Multiple Language and Currency support.

Custom mobile app development requires one’s time and dedicated effort whereas frameworks like these are readily available with respect to the evolving mobile technologies. Above two are the stand out ready-to-go Magento mobile commerce app solution even though there are hundreds present in the market.

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