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10 Vital Features That The eCommerce Mobile Apps Should Have

10 Vital Features of eCommerce Mobile Apps

Offering Notifications

An application should allow a vendor to provide push notifications that are associated with discounts, recently released products or the delivery of an item. The alerts will be sent even if the potential customer is not actively using the app, and the applications main image and a section of the message will appear at the top of the smartphones screen.

Messaging That Is Based on a User’s Location

A cutting-edge app will give a vendor the ability to deliver messages to customers who are positioned within a certain geographic area. The merchant is able to select particular zip codes, evaluate a map that shows the areas of each message’s recipients and provide alerts for groups of customers. In addition, the sender may offer delayed messages that will only be delivered once the customer’s smartphone enters a specific geographic region.

Detailed Feedback

Like Prestashop and Magento, the apps can allow buyers to post detailed reviews of merchants and to analyze testimonials that are related to each product. Moreover, the applications give business owners the ability to place reviews underneath the descriptions of products, rapidly post testimonials on social media networks or create a webpage that features hundreds of real reviews.

Chatting With Representatives

Several reports have shown that the availability of live chat can augment a company’s monthly sales by more than 19 percent. The feature may also reduce the number of products that are returned by approximately 28 percent. While utilizing the app, patrons may chat with experts and leave messages if the representatives are not available. Furthermore, the customer can rapidly request a phone call from the merchant.

Linking the App to Various Networks

The application should allow each user to connect the account to a social media profile, and the software can automatically create posts that are related to orders, reviews and coupon codes that a buyer has utilized. Several studies have indicated that a merchant can substantially boost profits by offering exclusive contests and monetary prizes for customers who connect the app to social media profiles and for patrons who like the company’s pages on various networks.

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The apps offer statistics that indicate the conversion rate of a product’s page, the percentage of buyers who use certain payment methods, the geographic regions of customers, the sections of each screen that buyers commonly click and the number of patrons who refer friends to the business. Furthermore, the app analytics should indicate the type of mobile device that a customer owns and the duration of each potential buyer’s daily usage.


By using Magento mobile commerce app, a merchant may easily transfer various features from the vendor’s website, and some of these include descriptions of items, testimonials, lists of the merchant’s services and features that are related to the virtual cart. In addition, the seller can synchronize lists of frequently asked questions and detailed guides that help customers to use products.

Payment Methods

A state-of-the-art application can allow patrons to utilize credit cards, wire transfers and services that are related to cash on delivery. Vendors can also install various payment gateways that are managed by PayFast, CCAvenue, First Data and Banca Sella.

Promotions and Discounts

The application should let a proprietor offer coupon codes, and the mobile app may automatically activate specialized codes once an order’s subtotal reaches a certain price. When using a eCommerce mobile apps, a business owner can also create gift cards for customers and may allow patrons to swiftly transfer additional funds to virtual gift cards.

Searching for Products

A merchant should choose a program that has a search box and software that will give customers the ability to swiftly sort the search results. The mobile app should let patrons organize lists of items by selecting certain colors, sizes, descriptions of new features and keywords. While searching for products, each customer may also choose a price range or evaluate lists of items that are compatible with other products.

Developing a Cutting-Edge App

By using the service that Elite Mcommerce provides, a merchant can create a program that features push notifications, app analytics, detailed filters for search results, many payment gateways, multiple themes and virtual carts that are managed by Prestashop.

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