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Custom Look For Your eCommerce Mobile Apps

Add a Custom Look to Your Mobile App

The idea of eCommerce Mobile Apps, or M-commerce, has been coined to define electronic commerce that get delivered straight to a consumer via their mobile device and wireless technology. It means mobile e-commerce developed specifically to interface with smartphones, tablets, and other devices. It allows mobile device users to have ready shopping alternatives at their fingertips, when and where they need it.

Online business platforms

Two of the most popular e-commerce platforms are both open-source software solutions. Magento provides more control over content, including SEO, catalog management, and extensible modules. PrestaShop is a more affordable eCommerce solution and installs on any Linux, UNIX, or Microsoft system. PrestaShop is geared toward user-friendliness and small-to-medium business, whereas Magento is suited to larger eCommerce sites, and is more technically demanding.

Elite mCommerce (EMC)

The app builder supports both PrestaShop and Magento and is designed for both iOS and Android mobile devices. EMC is a eCommerce mobile app builder which extends functionality to mobile solutions. EMC allows online retailers to build m-commerce solutions into their eCommerce sites.

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One of it’s advantages is that users can develop customized themes for their own mobile sites using the theme builder features. EMC users can create new themes for different promotions, holidays, or seasonal themes. Theme building is easy using EMC Extension. Online merchants can:

1. Create different layouts using predefined templates or a create a completely new and personalized layout.
2. Create different banners and sliders for use in mobile apps.
3. Control the size and colors of title fonts, borders, and general page design.
4. Create links to various products or product categories, or create specialized search banners for specific text phrases, such as “Ladies’ Designer Swiss Watches”.
5. Preview how the final design will look from within theme builder.

Benefits to Designing Custom Themes:

1. Users can preview and explore a new design as it is changed.
2. Multiple theme options are available for convenient use.
3. Users are able to create a variety of banners linking to specific offers, product displays, links, flash sales, text phrases, categories, and much more.
4. Quickly and easily change the look of the site to take advantage of sales, discounts, special offers, holiday promotions, and marketing campaigns.

Elite mCommerce is a versatile mobile app builder for reaching out to the growing legions of mobile shoppers. It also includes a number of highly useful features such as real-time synchronization with resources, push notifications to subscribers, or create and manage deep linking. It also includes a terrific marketing feature that allows users to easily create discount coupons, along with generation of coupon codes and distribution tools for getting them to preferred customers. We also support a wide range of payment gateways such as Citrus, BankWise, Quickpay, and many more.

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