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Top Features to include in Grocery delivery mobile app development

Mobile app-based grocery delivery models are very trendy in the modern age. You can easily find hundreds of grocery delivery mobile applications in our app store. Still, new applications appear every day. In short, competition is intensifying.

 Needless to say, these two aspects are of utmost importance for all clients in all business categories. Therefore, companies are looking to capitalize on the importance and potential of this kind of service.

If you’re interested in learning about the process of on-demand online grocery delivery, this blog will give you the perfect insights you need. The blog covers various aspects of the major 

features that are essential to running a successful grocery business.

Market Size and Statistics – Online Grocery Market

 To better understand the importance of mobile apps in online grocery delivery, here are some statistics on how technology is impacting the grocery industry.

Statistics highlight that technological advances are doing great in terms of bridging offline and online grocery shopping. The online grocery delivery market is also expected to surpass physical restaurant visits in the near future.

According to a report from an investment firm, the market for online grocery mobile apps will grow by 79% in the coming years.

Not only that, other statistics show that the online grocery delivery industry will grow to $55 billion by 2020, and online payments via mobile grocery apps will reach $210 billion by the end of 2019.

Another study found that ordering online increased revenue for restaurants large and small by 25%. These statistics and studies certainly demonstrate the success and future importance of food delivery platforms. In this new normal, all businesses have moved online and customers are only making purchases through online shopping sites and apps.

For online purchasing, there are millions of shopping applications and websites. Consumers are becoming more accustomed to purchasing everything from cosmetics to groceries to prescriptions to groceries online.

The most rapidly expanding internet company is still online grocery delivery.

Popular multinationals such as Walmart and Amazon are expanding their grocery deliveries in various countries around the world. Retailers have also gone online, creating online grocery delivery apps.

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Easy registration

The registration process should be user-friendly and easy. Registration by phone number, social media, and email IDs is popular. So you can add this functionality to your registration process.

 Product list

Product listings are an essential feature of any grocery app. It’s important to make sure your groceries are organized into categories and subcategories so that your users have a seamless shopping experience. All products should also have a good and correct description so that customers can get valuable information.


Search is an essential feature not only for grocery applications but also for online shopping applications and websites. So this feature should be simple and powerful. The search function should provide comfort for users when searching for articles. Additionally, you can add different types of filters like price ranges, short from high to low, etc. It simplifies the user’s search process.


 Grocery apps require GPS tracking of ordered items. This allows users to track the delivery of their orders. From dispatch to the moment of delivery, real-time tracking allows users to know the status of their orders.

Delivery Scheduler

This feature allows users to schedule deliveries in advance at their convenience. This feature allows customers to set a delivery date for their order at the time of payment. To notify the customer, we also need to add some notifications.

Quick reorder

This feature is intended to allow customers to reorder past products from their accounts with one click. Many customers order roughly the same groceries each month, so this feature is very useful.

Discount Coupons

 Helpful when you have to keep an eye on and take care of your customers. Grocery mobile app development requires the ability to grab customer attention and buy more products. A 20% to 30% discount coupon gives the impression that you can save a lot on your grocery bill.

Push Notifications

 Customers should be kept informed of new offers and products. Push notifications serve this purpose. Any mobile grocery app developer should introduce this feature to help customers stay up to date on new products and stay loyal to their grocery app.

 Proposed product

A list of recommended products is displayed based on the user’s past search preferences and purchase history. Keep users engaged by showing them what they need first, based on their interests. UI/UX design of the app and a good image of the product

 Any decent grocery delivery app development company should know that the UI/UX design of the app is relevant and appealing. UI/UX design should be eye-soothing and easy, as it helps attract more customers.

To get the best shopping experience, it should be easy for customers to know if they should buy or not. You must upload a 3D photo of the actual product so they can judge it for you. Product UI/UX and 3D images enhance the visual appeal and make you feel like you are actually looking at the product.

In addition to creating mobile apps, a grocery delivery mobile app development company must provide after-sales support to integrate new features in the shortest possible time. Also, customers should be their top priority and their needs should be taken care of promptly and efficiently.


The success of developing a grocery delivery mobile app depends on many factors. The app should be innovative, unique, and fulfilling for users. Now is the time to develop an on-demand grocery delivery mobile app from one of the best e-commerce app builders like Elite mCommerce to create features that meet and exceed customers’ expectations.


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