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Grocery Delivery App Development: Essential Features & Cost Estimation

The demand for mobile apps for shopping has increased after the COVID crisis. More and more people are switching to this online shopping and grocery apps to buy things online. From learning new skills to paying electricity bills, a mobile app is used for almost every day-to-day task. One such industry that is growing rapidly after the COVID pandemic is grocery mobile app development. 

Not only is it safe, but it is the fastest and most convenient way to get your order delivered to your address. So, what do you need in a grocery mobile app? Or, how much does the app development and designing cost, in general?

Essential Features of the Grocery Mobile App

Home delivery is the biggest advantage of grocery shopping. People no longer need to hit a grocery store for shopping, especially when they can get their orders delivered at their doorsteps. Here are a few important features you must consider when building a grocery app.

  • Simple Registration

Your customers need to sign up with your grocery app to create an account and place an order. Make this process as simple and short as possible. 

Your customers need a one-step registration process where all they are asked is to submit their full name and contact number. That’s all! They can mention other details, such as address and financial information when placing an order.

  • Product Search

This feature enables your customers to find their desired products by typing the keyword in the search bar. They don’t have to navigate the app to locate the item they are looking for. Even if you have divided the groceries into categories, it is not possible for customers to find items without a customized search option.

  • Wishlist

A wishlist is a section where your customers can save the product they want to buy in the future. Basically, it allows your customers to save products for future purchases.

  • Recommended Products

A personalized shopping experience is important in today’s competitive business world. The recommended products show your audience a list of items they must be interested in buying based on their previous purchases, search history, or the items they have saved to their cart or wishlist. 

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  • Order and Delivery Tracking

Your customers want to know how long until their order is ready for delivery, or how far the delivery person has come. So, the order and delivery tracking feature is a must if you want to build your customer base.

  • Multiple Payment Options

Let your customers pay via a suitable payment mode. Allow them to choose from different payment methods, including cash on delivery, UPI payments, bank payments, credit/debit cards, and more.

  • Simple Checkout Processes

Many customers abandon shopping carts because of the lengthy checkout page. You should build a one-page checkout to personalize customers’ shopping experience.

Grocery Delivery App Development Cost

A grocery delivery app can cost you a few hundred bucks to thousands of dollars. It depends on the developer you are working with, their experience, and their pricing structure. The total cost of app development also varies depending on the type of app you are building. The more complex the structure of the app, the higher it costs.

People have realized the importance of safe and convenient shopping. Safety has become customers’ primary concern. Nobody wants to go grocery shopping in a crowded market and put their health at risk. That’s why people have started using online grocery mobile app to buy food, dairy, toiletries, and other household items online. So, if you haven’t developed a grocery app yet, not is the time to hire a mobile app developer and build a comprehensive mobile app and offer the best shopping experience to your audience.


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