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How Restaurants can adapt to Social distancing practices for Customers dining outdoor

Early on, dining out was probably one of the most ordinary experiences you enjoyed over the weekend. But given the present scenario with restaurants struggling to stay open in the crisis, restaurateurs have to come up with new and innovative solutions to ensure that customers can enjoy a good meal and, at the same time, maintain the social distancing norms. One of the methods you can implement to enjoy an excellent restaurant cooked meal is ordering food through a restaurant delivery app from your favourite eatery. The food will be packed and delivered with a restaurant delivery app adhering to the no contact norms. This will ensure that your food is packed hygienically and can be consumed directly. So you can now eat restaurant food, even at home. Some of the methods that restaurants are implementing to keep social distancing norms are as follows: 

Open-air seating

Given the crisis, many restaurants are opting for open-air seating arrangements. Here customers are being seated outside instead of the dining hall inside the restaurant. In this manner, guests are getting the opportunity of enjoying restaurant cooked meals, but at the same time, they are being seated well apart from other guests. At the same time, guests are being served by waiters adhering to social distancing norms even while serving food. They do not wait around for long, keeping communication with the guests to the minimum. This way, many restaurants are opening up to guests but ensuring that the social distancing norms are strictly maintained.

 Pre-ordering food

Some restaurants are allowing guests to pre-order food similar to booking a table. With the help of an app like a restaurant delivery app, you can check the restaurant menu and even place an order for the particular items. You can even place an order for the food through the same restaurant delivery app and mention the time you will be visiting. Not only will a table be booked for you, you will find that your food will also be ready. If you feel like you can eat out on the table that has been set for you outside the restaurant, or consider it like a curbside pickup and take the food with you. You can take the food with you, eat it at an open spot, bring it home, and enjoy restaurant food. These methods of ordering and eating food are being developed to ensure that the social distancing norms are followed both by the restaurants and the guests.

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Proper signage

Most restaurants are opting to use proper signage to remind guests to follow the social distancing norms. There are signs put up at various restaurants asking guests to follow the rule of maintaining a distance of six feet. Guests often unknowingly forget to abide by the rules of social distancing. In such a scenario, it is a good idea to put up signs to remind guests and help them maintain the necessary distance from other guests. This would allow restaurants to open up even during a crisis.

Thus, restaurant owners are now trying new and innovative methods to open their eateries even during the crisis. You can try a restaurant delivery app to provide guests with restaurant food at home, make seating arrangements outside the restaurants, and put up signage to remind guests to maintain the necessary social distance from other guests. By doing all of these, your guests can once again enjoy restaurant food. You can now consider opening your restaurant and welcoming guests back to sit and dine in your eatery with ease simply by adhering to the social distancing norms.

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