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Best Local citation & listing sites for your Restaurant business

Individuals who enjoy eating out then often check out the list of their favourite restaurants on various local citations and websites. Here they not only get comprehensive menus of their favourite eateries but also get to evaluate the expenses. These also provide a list of the best restaurants in the locality. The guests can then estimate the expenses that they can expect to incur by eating out on a particular evening. Some of the best local citations and listing sites that you should consider listing your restaurant to attract more guests is as follows:


Yelp is a comprehensive website that provides numerous citations and not just restaurants. If you enlist your restaurant on Yelp, you can give a detailed description of when your eatery was opened, your eatery’s unique features, and how you aim to provide your guests with a unique dining experience. Yelp also allows you to upload images so that anyone visiting the website gets a complete idea of your eatery. Your guests can also upload their reviews about your restaurant, which would add value to your business.

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is a website that allows both guests and hotel owners to upload information about the business organization. Guests can write about their experience during a stay in a hotel or a visit to a restaurant. Similarly, the owner of an eatery can upload information about his business to inform guests about the food served at his eatery. He could give all details about the menu, price, and ambience of his restaurant so that the guests are well-informed. This will help your guests get to understand your eatery better.


Zomato not only provides guests with information about local restaurants but also works as a food delivery app. Your guests can log into the Zomato app to check out detailed information regarding the food served by your restaurant and even read the reviews posted by the guests who have visited your eatery. Similarly, they can even place an order for food directly through the app. Thus, Zomato is a comprehensive app that provides detailed information about your eatery and even can prove to be a useful tool in expanding your business. 

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This is another website or citation site where your guests can check out the restaurants in their localities. All they need to do is a search based on the city and area in which they live. Here they will find different types of food items served by various restaurants. They can also check out through which app they can order the food. As a restaurant owner, you can upload your eatery’s menu on Allmenus if you are looking to accept orders online and make doorstep deliveries. This can help in improving your business extensively.

Open Table

OpenTable allows restaurant owners to upload detailed information about their business organization with images, comprehensive menus, and guests’ reviews. Here guests and even check out the ambience offered by the individual restaurants. The restaurants’ menus allow the guests to understand the type of expenses they are looking for if they book a table in a particular restaurant.

Thus, the various citation sites, websites, and the listing site will help you expand your businesses. However, you must check out the individual cites’ features and select only those that meet your requirements. This is important because each restaurant is unique, and hence, its features must be presented to the guests to attract them. So when you are advertising your eatery on a local citation and listing site, check out its features and start the process.

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