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21 Email Marketing Subject Lines & Template Ideas for Restaurants Celebrating Labor Day

Labor Day marks the end of the summer season and a break from work to celebrate the work everyone has put in. For your restaurant, it’s a long weekend where you can bring in customers for a relaxing celebration, and an opportunity to feature grilled and BBQ menu items. There are many approaches to take when marketing your Labor Day specials, so here are some suggestions along with appropriate email or text notification subject lines you can use to get your customers’ attention. Subject lines should be fun, casual, and friendly to catch their eye in a busy inbox. 

BBQ Up Your Menu

Labor Day is a traditional time for barbeques and cookouts, so bring the BBQ spirit to your menu with specials. Whether setting up outdoor grills or just adding the style and BBQ flavour to your menu items, giving customers a taste of the barbeque experience without having to put in the work of setting up cooking, and serving. Here are some email marketing subjects you can use for your menu. 

Outdoor dining is becoming popular due to social distancing, so if you have space, you can give your restaurant’s outdoor dining area a barbecue atmosphere that will make customers feel at home. Demonstrate that you are following the right procedures to keep your diners safe while welcoming them back. 

Labor day email template
Labour Day BBQ party email template sample 1
  1. Labour Day BBQ With Us! BBQ Steak ?, $1 Hot Dogs, and More!
  2. Finish Out Summer With Us! Limited-Time BBQ Menu Options!
  3. We’re Firing Up the Grill With Our Labor Day Specials!
  4. You’re Invited to our Labor Day ? Cookout!
  5. Check Out our Labor Day BBQ Offers All Weekend Long!

We know it’s not easy to put out menu items on the fly, so make sure your suppliers can get you the ingredients you need in time and your chefs are experienced in making the order. Plus, make sure to update your online menu and mobile app listings to make sure your special BBQ items are visible to all your customers. 

Pay attention to the whole weekend and the times when everyone’s looking to have fun. Offer brunch deals on Monday when everyone’s having a relaxing work-free morning. 

Coupons and Offers to Get Customers at your Doorstep

Special holiday offers can bring customers in all weekend long. Basic discounts like $10 off for Labor Day or the whole weekend can bring diners in. Also, consider coupons for free drinks or appetizers with entrees to celebrate the holiday. Or offer discounted or free cold desserts like ice cream to escape the summer heat. Buy one, get one free is a great offer for items like sandwiches or burgers. Free kids meals can be attractive to families. 

Labor Day is a time for celebrating the end of summer, and you can offer beverages like cocktails with special summery themes to get drinkers excited to stop in. Try fruity and tropical flavours like pineapple, orange, and coconut and tiki-style cocktails. Alternately, offer a unique local cold beer they can’t get from anywhere else. 

Labor day BBQ party email template
Labour Day BBQ party email template sample 2
  1. Drinks ? Are On Us This Labor Day! Check Out Our ? Coupons!
  2. Eat With Us This Labor Day and Get $10 Off
  3. Double Your Burgers With Buy-One, Get One Free on Labor Day!
  4. Toast the end of Summer ? with our Tropical Cocktails!
  5. Cool off With Cold Desserts ? This Labor Day Weekend
  6. Get One Last Family Meal This Summer With Free Kids Meals!

Serve Home BBQs with Delivery/Pickup Promotions

Some people would rather stay home and have parties by the pool on Labor Day, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about those customers! Your marketing can focus on delivery and pickup options that can make life easier for people who want to have a relaxing, stress-free holiday weekend with delicious food. Offer free or discounted delivery to convince people that ordering out is the way to go for their Labor Day. Update your mobile app with a summer theme and help customers order more easily. 

You can even help your customers set up a picnic in a single order. Let them order in advance and get a picnic basket filled with hot dogs, hamburgers, and your most popular side orders, all packaged securely, so they can pick up a great meal and eat out in nature. 

  1. Relax, We’ll Handle the Cookout?! Delicious BBQ Delivered to You
  2. This Labor Day, Bring Our BBQ ? Home to You with Free Delivery
  3. 50% off Delivery, All Labor Day Weekend for Fresh, Tasty Specialties
  4. Close Out Summer By The Pool, We Deliver ? the Food You Love
  5. Eat Outdoors with our Special Labor Day Picnic ? Basket!

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Share Advice and Connect With Cookouts and BBQ Events

Maybe some of your regular customers decided to cook themselves this Labor Day, or they’re travelling and can’t go to your restaurant. You can still connect with them in memorable ways with your marketing emails and website content to maintain your brand relationship. Share tips on ingredients, preparations, and barbecuing, plus safety advice and best wishes for the holiday. Offer seasonal recipes, photos of your specialities, and videos from your chefs if they sign up for your marketing emails, newsletter, or visit your social media or website. 

free email template Labor day BBQ party
Labour Day BBQ party email template sample 3
  1. Our Chef’s ??‍? Top 10 Tips for Labor Day BBQ
  2. We Share Our Labor Day BBQ Recipes!
  3. Say Goodbye to Summer With our Cookout Tips
  4. Follow Us For Recipes & Tips This Labor Day
  5. Visit Us For Labor Day BBQ or Celebrate With Us From Wherever You Are!!

Holiday events are a great way to bring excitement to your restaurant. If you’re in a location with a lot of travellers you can find new customers on holiday weekends, so you should seize the opportunity to connect with both new and existing customers. Labor Day represents the end of summer, back to school, and a break from hard work. Do your best to reward your customers with great food and great deals.