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Secure Mobile app payments to avoid eCommerce frauds

When you use an eCommerce platform to make a purchase, you need to make a payment to complete it. Now consider the situation when you are purchasing through a mobile app. Here too, you will have to make the payment through the app to complete the purchase. Usually, the preferred mode of payment is by using a credit card. However, when you use your credit card to make purchases, you must be careful. Ensure that the mobile application is a genuine one and the banking details that you provide are all safe. However, there are methods by which you can avoid being deceived. Some of the ways in which you can prevent eCommerce fraud are as follows:

Payment through secure gateways

When you develop an on-demand delivery app,  you should set up proper protocols in place to ensure that the payment is made securely. This will protect the sensitive information that your clients are divulging to make the payments. Say for instance, if you check the details provided by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI DSS you will gain a better understanding of the protocols that you need to have in place to secure the transactions. If you are expecting a large number of transactions to occur, then you must have protocols to ensure that the individual transactions are safe. This will ensure that your customers’ credit card and banking details are safe when they share these with your company’s mobile application to make purchases.

Connecting with E-wallets

E-wallets are the latest online payment modes that are considered to be both safe and secure. An E-wallet allows you to keep money in your E-wallet account, and when you wish to make a payment, you can directly pay from the wallet. The E-wallet can belong to the portal from which you make frequent purchases or a third party. You will need to integrate the third-party E-wallet with the mobile app from which you are making the purchase. The payment is made through the E-wallet payment gateway. The best feature of an E-wallet is that you do not have to provide any sensitive information like credit card details. All you will need to do while making a payment using the E-wallet is generate a unique PIN or a One Time Password or OTP. This method of payment is gaining popularity because it is one of the safest means of payment. You can keep the requisite amount of money in your E-wallet, and it is not necessary to link your bank account with all E-wallets.

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Be careful while making payment.

When you make a mobile app payment, you need to be careful. You will be asked to provide several details like the CVV number of your credit card, PIN or an OTP. Ensure that these are correctly generated and never share these with anyone. With the emergence of eCommerce platforms and mobile applications, it has become easier for customers to make purchases. But at the same time, it has also become more accessible for fraudsters to gather sensitive information like your credit card details and dupe you. Hence, you must be careful while sharing all of this information with a particular platform before making a purchase.

Thus, the best method to avoid being cheated by online fraudsters is to be careful about the transactions that you are making. Also, you should never share sensitive information like banking details on an insecure platform. Most eCommerce platforms strive to ensure that customer information is protected and therefore, you too should be careful about sharing your banking details.


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