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Delivery boy app during Pandemic

Why is the Delivery boy app becoming popular during the Global Pandemic?

Since the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus pandemic, online food delivery and grocery apps faced significant challenges to keep up with the huge sales reduction rates. People have begun doubting whether the food or other grocery items they are ordering, would be delivered to them safely. This has affected the overall turnover of grocery delivery apps in the initial stages.

However, with precautions taken and stricter health and safety measures implemented by Groceries, the grocery delivery portals are beginning to win customers’ trust. Delivery apps are incorporating proper sanitization measures and are implementing contactless delivery options to ensure that you have a safer shopping experience. Moreover, food delivery apps have also started to deliver groceries and essential items to cater to a broader audience, thus increasing their sales.

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Top Measures Taken by Delivery Boy Apps

With health experts advising social distancing and home quarantine measures, people are shut up in their own homes. Going to the grocery stores have become difficult, especially at the places that have been declared as COVID-19 hotspots. One has no choice other than turning to the delivery apps for getting their food and groceries right at their doorstep in order to avoid contact with large groups appearing at the grocery stores.

To maintain safe and hygienic delivery, online eCommerce portals, and food delivery apps are taking adequate measures to stop the virus from spreading. The top measures they are applying include

  • Safe and hygienic measures: Sanitization of storage places, inventory, kitchens, or other places through which the product might go through during the entire shipment process till the final delivery. On the other hand, food delivery apps are checking with the restaurants whether they are incorporating proper sanitization and other hygienic measures like wearing gloves, masks, and other protective garments while cooking or transferring food.
  • Training riders: Grocery delivery apps are training their riders to follow the best practices as issued by WHO, to ensure safety and hygiene. These measures include proper hand sanitization, wearing masks, sneezing or coughing etiquettes, etc. Riders are also being aware of any warning signs and reporting about the same well on time. Moreover, free face masks are being distributed to delivery boys in the affected areas.
  • Hand Wash stations: Hand Wash stations are being installed at every pickup point to help delivery guys practice safe hand hygiene before collecting food or grocery items from the restaurants or dealers.
  • Mandatory temperature checks: Delivery apps these days are also performing compulsory temperature checks every day on each of the delivery guys before they leave for work. Anyone having a temperature of above 99.1°F is asked to stay at home and rest until he gets recovered.
  • Proper sanitization of every touchpoint: Online shopping sites are sanitizing and scrubbing all possible touchpoints every few hours, which include doorknobs, chairs, tables, sinks, countertops, and the like.
  • Stay at home: Any delivery boy who has been in contact with any COVID-19 infected person is asked to consult a doctor and stay at home until further word on starting to work from the doctor.
  • Safe packaging methods: Delivery apps are following secure packaging methods like proper sealing of every item, to ensure that the food or grocery item inside the package does not come in contact with any person during transit.
  • Contactless delivery: In the case of prepaid orders, the delivery apps are training their riders to leave the package at the customers’ doorstep and intimate them, thus ensuring there is no contact between them.
  • Cash-on-delivery disabled: To avoid contact with the delivery guy, grocery apps have disabled cash-on-delivery options.

Such positive and neat measures taken by the delivery boy apps are bound to build the customer’s trust. They are making a great move to break the virus chain while also increasing their sales at this time of crisis, especially when other industries are kept shut.

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