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Top reasons why your mobile app needs video integration

Mobile apps offer great utility as they let you do a lot of things and make choices among the features that you want to use to build your app. One of the main things that you should consider incorporating is a video in your mobile app. You must have this component if you want the people to know that the app does. Here are some of the reasons for using video integration in your mobile app:

1. User interface

Humans prefer watching videos rather than reading text these days, and with the help of video integration features within your mobile app, you can provide them an introductory explainer video, the functioning of your app, and much more. Such videos would initiate user engagement, and you will be able to see what the app does. With this, your users will certainly be satisfied and would want to spend more time on your mobile app.

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2. Statistics

As mobile technology is becoming more and more advanced, people have started using mobile phones more than anything right now. In stats published by Statistics, it was found that the majority of consumers around the world use mobile apps in order to access videos over mobile devices, and if you want your game to be strong, you will need video integration on your app. Use different platforms to send out videos for brand awareness, which can slowly garner your leads.

3. Brand promotion

There is so much content to consume on the Internet due to which the scenario has become highly competitive these days. A 30-second video will make the users more excited about the app rather than showing them just a screenshot. You can utilize the videos to sell the app in an advertising format and offer a brief preview of the app’s functionality. You will find these videos on Google Play and iOS stores. In addition, there are more than 300 alternative stores where you can promote and sell your app. 

4. Social Media

When you are planning to advertise your app, you can use the promotional videos on social media platforms to garner attention. In a report, it was found that Facebook has around 8 million video views every single day. Imagine reaching out to a large number of people in that manner. You need to have a story storyline for your promotional video if you want to stand out among your competitors. You will need to come up with something creative and fresh that would catch the users’ attention instantly. 

5. Customer experience

It has been reported that around 80% of the apps are deleted by people just after one use. This is mainly due to poor user interaction and the failure to deliver promises. Even after spending long hours on your building your app, you might easily get lost in the crowd if you do not know how to make it approachable to the people. Videos can act as a bridge between you and your customers. With the help of explainer videos, you will be able to gain the user’s confidence in your app and show them how you are going to meet their needs. Videos that help the people understand the product are more likely to gain attention than the ones which might confuse people. You will need to maintain at least some transparency if you want to shine in the eyes of your customers.

On a final note, videos can definitely help you make a difference if you want your app to reach out to people and earn revenue.

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