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Salon services booking app features

Must have features in a salon services booking app

If you are planning to get business from your Salon services app, then you will need to do something extra and reach out to wider audiences by maintaining transparency and providing them with additional features. Listed below are some of the important features that you must incorporate in your salon services booking app:

1. Provide smart mobile catalog

Provide a smart online catalog to your users as that would make it easy for them to browse through the services that you are providing, and they would be able to choose among them easily. You can add the following featuring for the app:

  • Book the listed services using the customer app 
  • Browse different stylists
  • Pay using secured payment options 

2. Book the appointments

Providing on-demand services from your salon is another great feature that you can use for your mobile application. Giving those services right in their hand would allow them to enjoy relaxing services. Moreover, they would be able to do the following: book an appointment easily, give payment while booking, and generate email notifications for the booking for both users and the service provider.

3. List out the prices of the services

It is extremely important to be transparent with your customers, and one of the best ways to achieve this is by mentioning the prices of the services that you provide. Doing so is necessary as most often, customers tend to heck for competitors as well and choose the one that they find more feasible. You can do the following to garner attention. Provide combo packages and variations, design menus and services, and provide images along with other necessary information. 

4. Be regular with loyalty points and offers

Make sure that you provide your customers with exciting offers and loyalty benefits as that would help in user engagement and bring them back to your salon again and again. Some of the additional features that you can provide under this category include QR code scanning for coupons, special offers for regular customers, in-app discounts and coupons, and more.

5. Keep a photo gallery of the products

You must maintain a photo library for different sections and services on your app. It is one of the easiest ways to showcase the services that you are offering to your customers. Moreover, you would just need to put the section in the navigation menu and make sure that the images and videos are well-placed over there. In addition to that, you can also add a wide variety of images, videos, sharing options, and provide navigation for the images. 

6. Allow the customers to save favorites

You should give your customers the option to choose their favorite things on your app and save them for later reference. Here are some of the things that you can choose: Display favorite services, add or remove the services.

7. Provide upcoming bookings

Another important feature is that of the “upcoming booking” feature, which can be quite useful for the customer. You will be able to enjoy multiple benefits with the feature such as canceling the booking, displaying upcoming booking, and more.

With mobile technology becoming more advanced, you can now utilize this platform for seeking great opportunities and initiating your business growth. Make sure that you provide great features to your clients so that they seem to be interested in your salon brand and would want to browse through the services and look for offers. Utilize the platform to the fullest and make the lives of the people easy by providing them smooth navigation.


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