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Know About the App Store Optimization Checklist

Ask any app developer and they will tell you how badly they want their mobile app to rank #1 on mobile app stores. You create mobile apps to make your brand discoverable on app stores.

Ask any app developer and they will tell you how badly they want their mobile app to rank #1 on mobile app stores. You create mobile apps to make your brand discoverable on app stores. Even though there is tough competition in the app market, there are many App store optimization tips for improving your app’s discoverability.  So, are you ready to learn the best app store optimization (ASO) tips? You have come to the right place! Let’s get started.

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How Do I Optimize My App Store?

For those who aren’t familiar with app store optimization, this post will help you find the right ASO strategies. Read on and boost your app’s ranking on PlayStore and app store search engines. 

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Understand your Audience

You create a mobile app to improve your user’s experience. What’s the point in designing an application that’s lost in the app store just because it doesn’t meet your audience’s requirement? 

Why would people download your mobile app? What language your audience prefer? How your app differs from the competitors’ mobile app? How can it help solve your customer’s problem? If you want to impress your audience, you need to come up with the best app store optimization strategies

Name of Your Application Matters

Choosing a unique name for your application is an understatement. You must choose a unique name that features the main keywords of your brand. The app store search results consider keywords to rank your mobile app. App stores accept names with 255 characters. That said, you have an amazing opportunity to add the necessary keywords. Remember that stuffing keywords can have a negative impact on your app search ranking as well. So, use them wisely.

Write a Brilliant Description

Writing an app description aiming at search engines will be your biggest mistake. You have designed the application to impress your audience, not search engines. Of course, ranking matters! But, your app is not going to receive downloads if the description lacks proper information. 

Your job is to tempt readers to install the app and use it. So, how can you do that? Write the description in simple and clear language. Don’t exaggerate things. Only include the real benefits that your app offers. That’s it! If your description seems original and compelling, it won’t take a long time for your customers to press that Install button. 

Outperform Competitors with an Outstanding Icon

The icon is the first visual thing your customer notices while scrolling down the search result page. It is also one of the important app store optimization tools for app ranking. Your customers will decide if they want to check your iOS application by looking at the app’s icon. So, why not leverage this opportunity and wow your audience with an attractive icon?

Use Screenshots and Videos 

Another App store optimization technique is screenshots and videos. First of all, screenshots don’t affect your app’s search ranking. However, they drive installs since users find them extremely engaging. Screenshots and videos are sufficient to tell your users what’s in store for them.

Why App Store Optimization is Important?

Do you know there are many app store optimization services out on the market? The question is why people hire these services? Well, everyone wants their app to rank #1 on the app’s search results. You want your app to be the first one showing up on the search results when the customer types your focus keywords.

Hope this app store optimization guide helped you to optimize your app for the app store and improve your search rankings. All the best!

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