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Happy Hours Notifications for Your Grocery App

Announcing Happy Hours Notifications for Your Grocery App

Your grocery store has always been the center of trade in your area, but due to online shopping, millennials aren’t convinced they should come to your store at all. Why do so when they can order from their apps at such a small premium? Today more than ever, grocery stores are starting entire restaurant operations […]

Your grocery store has always been the center of trade in your area, but due to online shopping, millennials aren’t convinced they should come to your store at all. Why do so when they can order from their apps at such a small premium? Today more than ever, grocery stores are starting entire restaurant operations within their premises in order to capture the attention of youngsters.

But is it a good strategy? Trends show that grocery stores have seen a tremendous increase in business income due to these new “grocerants,” especially in the evening, when grocery stores only have quick bursts of people coming in before everyone eventually goes back home. This begs the question: “Is happy hour marketing the future of grocery?” And the answer is yes, yes, it is.

We’re announcing happy hours notifications for your grocery app. Finally, mobile marketing can be adapted to the needs of a new kind of grocery store. If you’re planning to integrate some of the new trends into your store, or if you’ve already done so, this new feature will help you run your business more effectively, driving sales and reducing costs at a macroscopic scale.

The Business-Side Benefits of Your Updated Grocery Mobile App

Your grocery mobile app might be outdated, or it might only offer a few lackluster pages that the prospect will only skim through before deciding they are not interested in your offering. This needs to change. A grocery mobile application should include all the bells and whistles that modern online stores do without sacrificing a key component of it all—customer service.

The benefits of using a holistic approach that includes both app and store is extremely valuable, making your life as a store owner a lot easier. Think about the excess in vegetables that gets thrown away every single day for example… wouldn’t it be awesome to minimize that loss and actually use the produce in a way that’s beneficial to both the customer and the business?

This is possible if you are able to correctly track your inventory, connecting it to your app and immediately showing you how much produce is left. If by the end of the day there are still quite a bit of untouched vegetables, why not run a rush campaign through your updated grocery mobile app? That’s the beauty of happy hours notifications, allowing you to spread the word quickly.

It’s a new kind of marketing technique that truly pays off, especially if you’re used to more traditional ways of attracting attention. Vegetable leftovers cannot survive for long, so using quick marketing bursts such as these can help you better prepare for the happy hour and also use fresh ingredients at much cheaper prices compared to your competition. It’s a win-win situation.

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Drive More Attendance During Special Occasions

Thanks to the updated notification feature on your grocery mobile application, you can drive a higher attendance rate both in-store and online for special occasions. You might have a crazy discount for a specific dish at your in-store restaurant for example, or you could organize a deal bonanza directly in-app, pushing the traffic higher with direct rush notifications.

Whatever your strategy, happy hours notifications can help you achieve more with less. They allow you to build a holistic approach by integrating in-store, physical products with online activities, not only creating higher demand, but also driving a lot of attention from new users. Once you’ll start getting the attention of repeat buyers, they’ll be more likely to recommend your store to friends.

Special occasions aren’t the only way you can benefit from your grocery mobile app though. You can also put a specific product on sale while also incentivizing people to use the app via mobile notification. In this case, you might want to invest in powerful copywriting for your custom notifications! People will be intrigued if you hook them into a powerful deal or sale offer.

Competitive rates can also increase your bottom line. Think about your competitors and look at what they’re doing that you can offer in a faster, more efficient, and streamlined manner. Then, create short marketing bursts for that specific part of your business and target them directly at people who are already buying from your competitor. This will make them switch, no doubt!

The Customer-Side Benefits of Happy Hours Notifications

On the other hand, the customer will be unaware of all the changes that your grocery store is going through, so you have to make sure that they are up to date and that they clearly understand why they should come to your store in the first place. What differentiates your store from your competitors? What makes you cooler than ordering stuff delivered directly at your doorstep?

The customer really wants it all, and they want it to be fairly cheap too. Sure, they can’t always be right, but they do have buying power, so you should try to accommodate all of their needs as much as possible, so long as it makes both financial and operational sense. Let your customers know you’re there for them through notifications and they’ll appreciate the effort.

Furthermore, these advanced notifications allow you to tell people whether your walk-in shops are closed during specific times of the day or special occasions, keeping them updated on important business operations. This can help prevent customer frustration if they decide to come in only to find their favorite grocery store closed for business. That’s a no-no for millennials and youngsters.

Overall, happy hours notifications make your grocery mobile application a much better experience for the end customer. And they help you as a grocery shop owner too! They not only allow to seamlessly integrate marketing efforts with inventory and sales, but they also make for a holistic approach that truly encompasses everything a millennial may ever wish for.

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