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Deep Linking on Mobile Apps! Weaving a better Dreamcatcher

With the advent of the mobile app system for promoting products and services of a business, several trends are observed when it comes to enhancing the overall user experience. One such trend associated with mobile app development is the concept of “mobile deep linking.”

Deep linking of the mobile apps is concerned with allowing the mobile apps including grocery apps, gaming apps, e-commerce apps, and so more to reach out of the constrained boundaries such that the end users are able to search as well as navigate specific places between them.

Mobile deep linking is a relatively new concept in the arena of modern mobile app development and aims at extending the standard of searchable as well as indexable web elements across the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) to several mobile platforms through a wide range of specific SDKs.

The core objective of mobile linking is to bridge the existing gap between the web-based and used standalone mobile apps present in the modern scenario. Therefore, Mobile deep linking not only helps in boosting the overall potential of a specific mobile app to generate increased revenues, but it also helps in promoting new downloads at the same time.

Potential Benefits of Mobile Deep Linking for Achieving Business Goals

Most of the deep linking platforms out there tend to be standardized as well as consistent throughout their offerings –some tend to focus on simplifying the process of link generation for the mobile app developers, while there are others that aim at providing highly comprehensive analytics.

For your mobile app-based business venture, we have prepared a list of the potential benefits of mobile deep linking that you can adopt:

Promoting Content in a Specific Manner:

One of the major benefits offered by mobile deep linking is that it enables you to create links on various sites as well as social media platforms along with email addresses.

In turn, these platforms enable you to link back to specific content on the mobile app for your business. Therefore, the technique of deep linking allows for improved promotion –allowing you to link back to some special service or deal that you might consider highlighting to the potential customers.

Optimizing the Overall User Experience:

With the help of relevant back links, the end users can look forward to gaining access to the content on your mobile app easily with minimal navigation.

Moreover, the back links also help in directing the users to specific screens on the mobile app rather than the home screen. This tends to optimize the overall user experience.

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Boosting Installs Through Google Search Results:

When you get mobile deep linking installed for the app searches, your own mobile app will appear on the Google search results on mobile phones –whether or not the user has downloaded your mobile app. In case you would attempt to visit the link for the app page, the users will be directed to install the mobile app before checking the respective page. This new technique can help in bringing thousands of visitors to your mobile app searches.

As of today, you can’t search for specific content based on your own interests because they are not completely searchable. Deep linking allows you to make quicker decision over your purchases by automatic routing to the piece of content that you were expecting – no search required.

In conclusion, make the most of the innovative technique of mobile app deep linking for improved profits on your eCommerce mobile apps.

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