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Improve grocery mobile app customer experience

How A Grocery Mobile App Can Improve Customer Experience

Your customers are important, and so is implementing a grocery mobile app that works. If you have a grocery chain or if you’re looking to up your game in the grocery department, you must acknowledge this key piece of the puzzle and improve your grocery mobile app customer experience. Read Also:Grocery Mobile App Development Today, […]

Your customers are important, and so is implementing a grocery mobile app that works. If you have a grocery chain or if you’re looking to up your game in the grocery department, you must acknowledge this key piece of the puzzle and improve your grocery mobile app customer experience.

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Today, everyone can simply pick up their phone and order groceries from the major retailers in your area. It’s something that has truly revolutionized the way we all grocery shop, and it cannot be beaten. Not only is it convenient, but it can also be used in cases where people are literally unable to move from home due to disabilities or other problems that may arise.

Grocery chains all over the world are increasingly using mobile apps to keep up with competition and catch up on the latest trends. Without them, chains are left wondering whether or not they’ll be able to make ends meet at the end of the year, which is never a great outlook for a business, especially those that have been up for a long time.

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In general, you’re looking for three key elements in a grocery mobile app:

  1. Customer experience
  2. Delivery experience
  3. Customer support

If your grocery mobile app is missing any of these elements, it might stifle your growth over time. Think about your app as a master hub for everything related to the digital economy; you can run your business without it, but that means that you’ll be left with pennies at the end of the month. Your competitors will not take it for granted and you shouldn’t either.

Your Grocery Mobile App’s Customer Experience

The grocery mobile app customer experience should be separate from the delivery experience. That’s because customers want to see the products without the hassle of thinking how they will actually make it to their doorstep. You can leave that part of the journey for the next section.

Instead, the grocery mobile app customer experience should include everything from nicely-designed images to well-placed elements, and even interactive cards that your customer can read in order to get more information about a specific product or a specific grocery that you are selling. The app integrates seamlessly with your inventory to tell customers whether items are in stock or not.

The grocery mobile app customer experience is quintessential to the success and it involves a few things you need to be aware of:

  • A search bar that allows customers to search any product available
  • Readily-available information about any product that you offer
  • A beautiful, easy-to-use layout that’s intuitive and snappy
  • A shopping cart that can be filled with items
  • Different ways to actually buy the products

… and a few more things.

Generally, you’re looking to entice the customer to always buy as fast as possible. That means that while having a catalogue of things to show is nice, users usually know what they’re looking for, and you should give it to them quickly, without interference.

Cart Abandonments & The Delivery Experience

It’s no secret that when you use an online portal to sell any product, people tend to gather everything in their cart and then simply leave. It’s a common problem that all online retailers have had to deal with in the past. Thankfully, using a mobile grocery app can help you mitigate this problem through the use of notifications and special offers.

When people leave stuff in their cart, it means that they’re either unsure about the offering, or they have a limited budget to spend in general. This makes them wary of the paywall, and it leaves them hanging. Is the product going to be good enough quality? Am I going to get it in time? Is the retailer trustworthy? All these questions start popping up in their minds.

You have to make sure that all questions are resolved immediately. You can do that by offering various FAQs throughout the interface, especially the shopping cart, and you can also reduce cart abandonments by giving people the option to pick up their grocery in store!

Overall, you might want to separate the delivery experience from the grocery mobile app customer experience, and there are a couple reasons why you should do that:

  • Customers get anxious once they get their orders processed, so you always have to show their order’s stage and where it is currently found
  • It’s important for customers to have a point of reference, i.e. customer support, but you do not want to offer that in your basic grocery mobile app customer experience
  • You want to increase the chances that the customer will buy from you again in the future, so you need to take care of their needs separately
  • It allows you to track inventory and immediately notify the person in case there was a mistake and their order cannot be processed right away

Other benefits apply, but the core idea is that you want to take your customer from point A to point B in a frictionless manner. If the grocery mobile app customer experiences friction in the system, they’re likely to drop the ball as soon as they feel uncomfortable. That should never happen.

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Providing Excellent Customer Support

Once the customer places an order, it’s really important to deliver on your promise. If you said you would deliver between 8 AM and 10 AM on a Saturday, you have to be at their doorstep at that exact time. It’s a type of commitment that requires a lot of effort on the management side of things, but which is ultimately worth it.

A grocery mobile app can help you provide amazing customer support. Once orders are placed, you can offer live chat that’s directly connected to the person who’s in charge of delivery. That way, your customer will have a direct point of contact with the person who’s actually handling their grocery, which is an amazing way to help them get answers fast.

Today, few people are willing to wait for their requests anymore. There’s simply no incentive in using an app if it doesn’t offer credible customer support that’s fast and accurate. Order numbers and tracking codes can help you achieve the high quality customer support you’re looking for. After all, it’s a matter of trust that people are putting in your hands.

Following the guidelines in this article, you will be able to achieve what matters most for your mobile grocery app: taking customers from point A to point B. Once they’ll put their trust in your hands, it’s time to demonstrate that technology is only relevant if backed up by human effort. Treat the customers the way you’d want to be treated and you’re off to a great start!

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