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Trajectory of Holiday shopping in this Digital Age

Trajectory of Holiday shopping in this Digital Age…

Gather your horse’s people as the holiday season is upon us, a time for sharing and caring for each other. This is the time to buy everything for which you had waited for the past year. The mind-boggling collection of all the items added with heavy discounts and that delivered at your doorstep, what else do you need? You do not need a reason to shop during the holidays. Since the advent of online shopping and discounted shopping during the holiday season shoppers just rumble with each other to grab the limited stock at lower prices.

Statistics has found that the global e-commerce revenue for the previous year was $2290 billion. The craze around the holiday season has upended the economy, but in a good way. Interestingly, the big retailers have inculcated technological aspects like Artificial Intelligence to predict the future of online shopping and reap the benefits accrued due to this.

holiday shopping in mobile apps
holiday shopping ruled by m-commerce and e-commerce

But to make merry of this year’s holiday shopping, some things can help you experience a safe and secure shopping experience. Online shopping has putative perks and disadvantages. There is no shortage of phishing attacks that exploit the inherent trait of every human being to buy more at fewer costs. Avoid all these frivolous platforms and follow the list below which consists of the most authentic online websites and applications.

There are 1.3 million online shopping applications on the Apple’s store, and we could not dare find out this number for Android users. With this humongous number of mobile apps available it is our bounden duty to guide you towards the right direction.

Popular holiday shopping apps this season

  • The most sacred temple of online shopping is Amazon. Just think of something in your mind and search it on Amazon, you will get. The gamut of variety with Amazon bewilders the minds of all online shoppers.
  • Another front-runner in this segment is eBay. eBay may be an old player in the race, but it will not be subdued by even the greatest of online platforms.
  • Flipp: you must have seen in the movies that sometimes the wingman of our protagonist is better than him. Well, similar is the case with Flipp. It is not a typical online shopping portal. What it does is it gathers all the flyers and discount promotions from your favorite platforms and present them to you on your device.
  • Etsy: our connection with ethnicity has been ruptured by the advancing time. However, during this holiday shopping season you can buy all the vintage and handmade items from Etsy. Some items which will enable you to connect with your roots again.

According to NASDAQ, 95% of all the shopping will be done through e-commerce and m-commerce until we reach the year 2040. You can imagine the amount of revenue that m-commerce will generate in the coming future. Well, you need to prepare yourself for the coming wave of holiday shopping and have a promising holiday season with your family.

Presenting some exciting tips and tricks for online holiday shopping…

  1. Who said that you cannot bargain with online stores? Abandon your shopping cart abruptly and wait for an email from the store with an added discount coupon for your item.
  2. Not that we believe in superstitions, but statistics have found that Tuesdays are the best days for online shopping.
  3. Although we don’t like our email inbox to be filled with spam and promotional messages, they are sometimes the key to earn heavy discounts from retailers.

You may have heard people say that do not use holiday shopping apps as they are risky, don’t share your address with them and all the crap. Most probably these people are Luddites, who do not want the machines to take over the world. Apparently, they must have seen Terminator many times. Despite their skepticism, you need to follow some do’s and don’ts to enjoy a safe and sound online shopping craziness.

  • Don’t shop when you are connected to public Wi-Fi’s. Most of the phishing attacks are channeled through them only.
  • Do check the authenticity of your retailer’s website. According to well-received statistics, every 3rd referral on search engines is a fraudulent website. A safe and privacy advocating website will have an SSL certificate, always ensure it before sharing your personal information with the website.
  • Do: buy some items together with your friends or neighbors during the holiday season; it will save your shipping costs.
  • Don’t: there is no free lunch in this world, some deals may look unbelievable, but in reality, the narrative may not match the reality. Confirm everything about the retailer before dealing with it.

Enough of informing and telling you about the nitty-gritty of online shopping, it is time to walk the talk. Save all you can now, as that time of the year is here. Get set to shop till you drop!

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