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Time to know about the Mobile App Builder

What is a mobile app builder? There is confusion between the terms mobile application development and a mobile app builder. They cannot be used interchangeably. When you say you are launching your store on a mobile app builder, it means that you are using an already existing platform on which you could customize based on your store requirements and make it live. By developing a mobile application you refer to the complete creation of a mobile application from scratch. As you can comprehend using a mobile app building does not include too much of technicality as it is there for you to simply choose and use from. A mobile app development on the other hand needs extensive coding capabilities for you to develop your requirement.  So if you have your online store based on Magento, you could use the Magento mobile app builder to further enhance the reach of your business or opt for a fresh mobile developed application which is compatible across mobile platforms.

What to expect from a mobile app builder?

Though the mobile app builder is an existing platter of templates for you to choose from, retailers have been more than successful in providing an enriched customer experience to their customers. Let us look on about the various options provided by a mobile app builder.

  • It includes branding:

Yes. Your mobile app builder will include your branding colors and style. You will not need to compromise on branding at any point of time. You could play around with vivid templates to get your desired output.

  • User-friendly:

Your mobile app will be extremely user-friendly as it includes each and every detail about your products which involves catalogs, price listing and so on. You will not need to limit yourself at any juncture of the mobile app building process.

  • Performance factor:

When your online mob app is based on the native platform, it contributes towards a speedy performance. It blends with all types of mobiles and gives a blissful experience to your customer which is an added advantage.

  • Automatic synchronization:

Your mobile app is based on your website and any changes that you make in your website will automatically reflect on your mobile app. So you are saved from the work of making changes dually as the process has been synchronized.

  • Analytics included:

That’s right. Your mobile app builder will fully take charge of the analytics for your website. What else could you ask for? It will generate reports on your website performance and give you timely inputs about the same. You could simply sit back and measure your success based on these comprehensive reports. These reports also help in identifying bottlenecks and correcting them for improved outcomes.

  • Secured payment mode:

You can also opt for payment gateways within the mobile app builder. It is up to the retailer to choose for a single gateway or multiple based on the volume of orders. The Magento mobile app builder accommodates all these requirements and much more.

When you choose for the Magento mobile app builder, you are adapting the positives of both the mobile app builder along with potential capabilities of Magento. So mind that you are doubly benefited!

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